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Belt Measuring Help

If we emailed this page to you, we have no belt listing for your specific model, but with over 450 drive belt sizes in stock, we do very likely have the belt you need........

Please use English measurement system if reasonably possible for you.  This online length conversion tool is very handy. If it's been a while you might even need a ruler refresher.
All belts are spoken of in terms of the total length/circumference, not diameter, like this:

Because belts can vary a bit in how much they have stretched, we now request that in addition to measuring the belt itself, please also provide us the measurement result of threading a non stretchable string around the belt path as described below.

If you still have the old belt in one piece:

    > Lay it out flat on a desk.
    > Pinch it at both ends & straighten the belt but don't stretch it beyond straight.
    > Measure the length & then double your result to get the total circumference
       of the belt.  This is what we are after, so you can choose or we will recommend a new belt about 3-5% shorter. (95-97% of the old stretched out belt, so take your measurement and multiply it times .95 and .97 and there is the approximate range of your new belt)
Old belt too far gone to measure:
> Just use a piece of string and thread it temporarily in place of where the belt goes.
> Then measure the length of the string and Email us the exact length (inches). 
 Along with your exact make and model number right down to the dash "-". If your belt has a round or square cross section, please give us the thickness as well.  Width is usually needed on flat belts as well.  We can assist you in choosing a belt that is about 3-5% shorter than the length of the belt path around the pulleys.
EXAMPLE: Let's say you measure  24.75" on your turntable around the platter and motor pulley with a 
string.....we will recommend a 23.6" belt, NOT a 25" nor a 24.5" belt as there must be some reasonable tension for your belt to work.  3-5% shorter than 24.75" inches would create a range from 23.5" (5%) to 24.0" (3%)

Can't get the string through the turntable?...at least measure the diameter across the rim on the underside of the platter and we may be able to approximate what you need. Or you can also mail the old belt to us as a last resort. Use a padded envelope so the post office machinery does not tear out the items from a standard letter envelope.  Send your belts with a note including the make & model number and your phone number to:

2517 NW 9th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330
All belts are sold with a free exchange policy.  We will not charge you any extra fees to exchange belt sizes for you.  Belts must be returned in resaleable condition and we ask that you inform us of the final belt that worked for your model so we can update our site for others.
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