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DL-110 Moving Coil Cartridge

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DL-110 Cartridge
Brand: DENON
Our Part: DL-110
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Denon DL-110 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge

  • Type: Moving coil (MC)
  • Output: 1.6 mV high output designed for MM inputs
  • Channel Balance: 1dB Max. (1kHz)
  • Channel Separation: 25 dB Min. (1 kHz)
  • Output Impedance: 160 ohms
  • Suggested Loading: 47K ohms
  • Stylus: 0.1 x 0.2 mm special elliptical solid diamond
  • Cantilever: Aluminum
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 45 kHz
  • Tracking Force: 1.8g 0.3g (1.5~2.1g)
  • Compliance 8 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • Weight (Mass): 4.8g
Our Notes:  You will receive a factory fresh DL-110 cartridge.  Unaltered in any way.  Complete with all factory packaging and all accessories, including the weight balancing plate, screw hardware, overhang gauge, instructions,  and stylus brush.  As with most moving coil cartridges, the stylus tip is not user replaceable.  So when it wears, in about 600-800 hours, you will generally have to replace the cartridge or some may choose to re-tip.  This cartridge comes with a 90 day warranty against factory defects.  The stylus/cantilever component, as with all needles, is extremely delicate.  Warranty claims arising from accidental misuse/neglect of any kind will not be honored.  Finally, purchase of this product will also get you a $10 gift certificate good towards any order of $40 or more at   The certificate is available on request 90 days after delivery of the DL-110 to your door.

To get the maximum enjoyment out of your vinyl collection, check out the DL-110 phono cartridge. Its high output allows you to use it interchangeably with a moving magnet phono input. The DL-110 has a way of getting into the grooves and extracting the information contained therein with total authority.


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