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Dual TK-24 Sled 236242 TK-14

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Genuine TK24 Dual Headshell
Brand: Dual
Our Part: TON-3053
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Genuine DUAL TK-24 Carrier Sled

(DUAL service part number 236 242) which CAN also replace the TK-14 (215 430) type headshell.  May also be called a cartridge carrier, cartridge shoe, sled, bracket, halterung etc) found in (or can substitute for the TK-14 originally fitted in) the following DUAL (United Audio) models:

DUAL 461 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 481 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 491 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 501 Turntable/Record Player

DUAL 502 & CS 502 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 504 & CS 504 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 510 & CS 510 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 521 & CS 521 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 601 & CS 601 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 604 & CS 604 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 621 & CS 621 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 701 & CS 701 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 704 & CS 704 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 714 & CS 714 Turntable/Record Player (Except Dual 714 Q)
DUAL 721 & CS 721 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 731 & CS 731 Turntable/Record Player (Except Dual 731 Q)
DUAL 1209 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1210 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1211 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1212 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1214 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1215 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1215S Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1216 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1218 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1219 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1220 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1222 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1224 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1225 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1226 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1228 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1229 Turntable/Record Player (originally fitted with the TK-14)
DUAL 1229Q Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1234 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1234A Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1235 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1236 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1237 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1239 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1241 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1242 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1245 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1246 Turntable/Record Player
DUAL 1249 Turntable/Record Player

OTHERS? Yes if you have a visual match to your old one, free exchange if needed.

Rating paul
used in a 45 yrs old Dual 1218: it is easily installed and fits perfectly and the record player is like new again
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Reviewed by:  from merelbeke belgium. - 4/4/2012
Rating Dual Sled
I had a few issues with the sled for the dual, the pins are spring loaded and they were not sliding I had to straighten them and lub them to make them work. I was not real impressed with this being a new item.
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Reviewed by:  from California. - 9/4/2015
Rating Dual 721 sled
new, perfect, rather high price but that is the going rate.
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Reviewed by:  from Seattle. - 8/6/2015
Rating Dual TK-24 Sled
Just what I needed to recommission my Dual CS721 turntable. Brand new & exactly like the original, it arrived nicely packaged & in a timely manner.
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Reviewed by:  from Broken Arrow, OK. - 7/27/2015
Rating Dual 1229 cartridge sled.
The sled arrived well protected and in a timely manner. The connection cables to he cartridge are very nice. Of course these can sometimes be found for less but they are generally hard to find, and important to purchase a well made model, which this certainly is. Highly Recommended!
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Reviewed by:  from Lynchburg, VA. - 5/26/2015
Rating Dual TK-24 Sled
Received sled on time and in appropriate packaging. Sled is brand-new, but unlike the original replacement it does not come with the plastic gauge to mount to the phono cartridge. Would purchase again.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. - 5/25/2015
Rating Dual TK-24 Sled
Needed a new sled to replace an obsolete one that came with my Dual 1219. I bought this unit in the 60's. The sled fit just fine and I'm very pleased with it. I have completely restored my turntable now.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. - 3/14/2015
Rating Perfect fit
Bought this for a Dual 721 Turntable. Great fit.
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Reviewed by:  from Kingsville, MD. - 3/3/2015
Rating Replacment sled
My Dual 1209 needed a replacement sled. This works perfectly, and turntableneedles.com is a great place to deal with - they quickly ship items and are very helpful.
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Reviewed by:  from Madisonville. - 9/28/2014
Rating Great product!
The Dual headshell sled worked PERFECTLY on a turntable I got from Ebay sold w/o cartridge or the attachment sled. Turntableneedles.com had it shipped and in my hands in just a few days!
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Reviewed by:  from PA. - 5/7/2014
Rating Pretty good
It is a pretty good replacement for a not great design. Love the duals. Hate the head shell game that is the DRM&phone charger BS of today
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Reviewed by:  from U.S.A.. - 3/7/2013
Rating TK-24 Sled
Product was easily found on your website. Price was reasonable. Delivery was fast. Product was properly packaged for secure delivery. Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from Toronto. - 2/28/2013
Rating Dr
It was very nice to have this item available. I mounted and Ortofon 2M Red on it for the Dual 1242 turntable. Luckily I have good turntable odds and ends about. I needed to use spacers to get the vertical tracking angle right. The cartridge should have gone a hair further forward to optimize the overhang for. The slots should be a little longer or further forward. The sled mounted on the arm with no difficulty and the pins made good contact.
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Reviewed by:  from Benedict MN. - 2/1/2013
Rating TK-24
I needed this for my DUAL 1237. It shipped promptly and after a few tries I made all the right connections and it worked! Sounds good.
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Reviewed by:  from Danville, IL. - 6/6/2012
Rating Perfect Replacement
Bought this for a Dual 1242 and it fits perfectly. Just like the original part.
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Reviewed by:  from New York. - 7/31/2011

Q: I'll be putting this on a Dual 510. What cartridge would be compatible with it? Thank you!
Asked by:  - 3/22/2015
A: Any half-inch standard mount cartridge, which we have listed by brand here:

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