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Idler Wheel 1492-01-S

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Idler Drive Wheel
Brand: GC Walsco
Our Part: 1492-01-S
Core Charge
I will mail in my old idler wheel
I have NO idler wheel to mail in [add $20.00]
1 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty [add $6.00]
Ships with your confirmed trade-in
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Idler Wheel Specifications:
Outside Diameter Large (O.D.): 1.794 Inches / 45.57 mm
Outside Diameter Small (O.D.): .758 Inches / 19.25 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.): .181 Inches / 4.60 mm
Overall Height: .961 Inches / 24.42 mm


Trade-in: Strong demand and limited supply means we now need your trade-in so we can supply this product line for years to come.  If we have your idler wheel in stock, we can usually accept a few clear email photos including at least one of both the top and bottom of your idler wheel and a tracking number of the padded secure package in which your trade-in was sent.  In return, you may receive a rebuild, a rejuv, or N.O.S. as the case may be.

Warranty:  We warranty our idler wheels not to be the cause of incorrect speed or speed fluctuations for 1 year.  Abuse such as exposure to petroleum products or other customer 'hacks' such as drilling out the center hole to force its use in a non-sanctioned machine, voids warranty.  Warranty compensation limited to the store's choice of product replacement, repair or pro-rated web-store credit and requires that you securely mail in the idler wheel in question.  No cash refunds after 90 days.

Replacement tips: An often overlooked source of idler wheel troubles other than the obvious deterioration of the rubber is the often dried lubrication on the shaft upon which the wheel is mounted.  Sometimes an idler wheel will be completely seized as a result.  Clean both the shaft and the idler wheel hole usually with a Q-tip.  Generally isopropyl alcohol for cleaning followed by a tiny amount of new automotive wheel bearing grease or similar are the common products of choice.  This step is so valuable that sometimes it can significantly delay the need to replace the idler wheel.  Of course, avoid petroleum product contact with the rubber at all cost.  Finally, always, always make sure to clean the rubber idler wheel contact surfaces with lanolin-free isopropyl alcohol (or similar) prior to installing your replacement idler wheel.  Do this even if the surface looks 'clean'.  Enjoy the music.

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