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phono Cartridge AT95SH (AT95SA)

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Complete with Shibata Needle
Brand: AVCR-private label
Our Part: AT95SH
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The AT95E was original equipment on many turntables throughout the decades, this cartridge and it's predecessors including the AT3400 have provided a superb value in the middle class range.  We have taken the Audio Technica AT95E, simply removed the ATN95E stylus and installed the highest quality shibata needle available.  The stylus is made in Japan by Jico.  This stylus delivers the highest performance range on a proven platform cartridge.  As the only continuously operational needle manufacturer over the past 50 years, it was a no-brainer to select Jico as the needle manufacturer for our hybrid AT95SH.

mounting hardware
stylus protector cover
AT95E OEM pamphlet

Start listening to what you've been missing!

OEM AT95 Cartridge w/DSH stylus = AT95SH (AT95SA)

Output voltage at 1000 Hz,5cm/sec.

3.5 mV

Channel balance

within 2.0 dB

Channel separation at 1 kHz

> 20 dB

Frequency response

20-22,000 Hz

Load resistance 47 kOhms
Load capacitance 100 - 200 pF

Stylus type

Bonded Shibata-cut diamond

Tracking force range

1.25 -2.25 grams

Tracking force, nominal

1.75 grams

Vertical tracking angle


Coil impedance at 1kHz

2.8 kOhms

Coil inductance at 1kHz

400 mH

Recommended load resistance

47 kOhms

Cartridge weight

6.6 g

Dimensions (mm) L 30.5 x W 17.0 x H 17.20

Replacement stylus/needle


Rating Not so fast
In my test, I tested the AT95SH, the AT125LC and the AT440Mla. The AT95SH had no innergrove distortion, as well the AT440MLA. The AT125LC had a little. As far as sound the AT440MLA beat out the AT125LC by just a little but they both beat out the AT95SH by a considerable margin all they way around. for 37 more bucks, the AT44MLA is so much more worth it. After listening to the two, there was no debating it.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Saint Augustine. - 9/30/2013
Rating AT95 and Shibata Stylus
This configuration was first brought out by [*********] in the mid 2000's. The AT95SA takes the AT95 cartridge body to it's highest level of performance by adding a Shibata stylus. Tracking at 2 grams, you get the famous AT95 sound with top-notch tracking and tracing abilities. Worth the extra $$$ but setup is DEAD CRITICAL with a shibata stylus.
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Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. - 9/27/2011
Rating Very nice
I bought this for a Marantz 6150 and have been really impressed. The sound is very full, clear, and musical. It tracks very well across the record with no detectable inner groove distortion or distortion of any kind for that matter. As someone else already mentioned, setup is critical. I was having balance issues until I got the azimuth set correctly, but now my analog setup puts CDs to shame. Great customer service, also.
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Reviewed by:  from Costa Mesa, CA. - 2/15/2012
Rating lovely cartridge
on a good turntable and low capacity cables to the phono pre also the AT95 performs astonishingly well. The shibata version brings high resolution to the AT95 liveliness. I have an AT440MLa as well but in my setup (Thorens vintage TT) currently prefer the AT95SA for its musicality.
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Reviewed by:  from Berlin. - 3/20/2015

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