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12 Inch Inner 2 mil Round Bottom LP Record Sleeves - 50 Pack
12 Inch Inner 2 mil Round Bottom LP Record Sleeves - 50 Pack

12 Inch Inner 2 mil Round Bottom LP Record Sleeves - 50 Pack

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Inner Sleeve Record Protector
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Sold in a bag of fifty 33 rpm LP record sleeves per bag

12'' Inner Record Sleeve. Fits directly over record.
12-3/16 x 12-3/16.

Over the decades, vinyl does dry out! Keeping your vinyl sleeved with HDPE instead of paper will prolong the drying process. When records do dry, microscopic cracks develop contributing to surface noise.

  • anti-static material
  • Protects against abrasions from inner cardboard and grit
  • Round bottom makes insertion into record jackets easier.
  • record not included!
  • not for 16rpm
  • not for 45rpm
  • not for 78rpm
  • sold for 12 inch 33 rpm LP records.
  • These HDPE sleeves have passed a Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.) certifying that they are safe for long-term storage.
  • Made in China, USA inspected and stocked.

    FREE SHIPPING in USA, minimum order qty 1 which will net you 50 sleeves.
5 Stars
Just added another 20 years of life to my record collection.
If you want a very inexpensive way to extend the life of your vinyl album collection, The "Record Sleeve 50 Pack" is the #1 way to start! The high tech plastic that a sleeve is made from is amazingly tough yet soft and pliable. The combination of the prior characteristics plus the round bottom design of the sleeve make them an easy to use, incredibly strong and long lasting replacement for those old and tattered paper sleeves.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 3/31/2012
5 Stars
Great replacement for original sleeves
I've been slowly replacing a lot of my original paper sleeves and have found a few of my old albums missing sleeves. They make great replacements also allowing full view of label on record.
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Reviewed by:  from Atlanta, GA.. on 5/5/2012
5 Stars
Great product for great price
If you want to protect your valuable records and don't want to spend a lot just go for these. Excelent service from Turntable Needles staff.
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Reviewed by:  from Slovenia. on 7/18/2012
5 Stars
A must have. Period!
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Reviewed by:  from OK. on 12/9/2014
5 Stars
These are great
I've been using these after I clean my records and I've very impressed. they are much better than the paper sleeves (though not usually as interesting....). They are great at keeping a cleaned record clean so I can clean several records at once and know that they will be clean when I go to play them.
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Reviewed by:  from Springfield. on 1/7/2019
5 Stars
A bit long but serviceable
When I started using these I was frustrated because they would fold up instead of going in clean, at least for my albums. The solution is simple, cut a thin strip off the top. A paper cutter does this very easily. Note, this isn't just an issue with these sleeves, other ones I have bought have demonstrated the same behavior. But a little modification goes a long way.
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Reviewed by:  from HOUSTON. on 2/20/2019
5 Stars
Works great
I don't use these as a replacement sleeve, but rather, an additional sleeve as I like keeping things original. The fact that original sleeves are actually, in most cases, the same or smaller size than the new ones called for a little creativity. When inserting the newly sleeved record into the original inner sleeve, have it oriented such that one if the new sleeve's corners is pointing out along the centerline of the original sleeve. At this stage, the other new corner will be pointing left or right 90°. Fold that corner such that it's fold slides in parallel with the original inner sleeve. Slide the newly sleeved record in and before it's fully inserted, fold the remaining corner down so that it's fold will be flush with the original sleeve once the record is fully inserted. After you get it once, it's a cinch, plus, the record is even better sealed against the entry of dust than simply replacing the original inner sleeve. Good luck!
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Reviewed by:  from Broomfield. on 3/12/2019
5 Stars
Record Sleeves
Replaced some missing or destroyed inner sleves for some very nice viny. Worked great!
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Reviewed by:  from Kuna, ID. on 3/16/2020
5 Stars
Free gift
I got a pack for free with my record washer but hey they are nice to have you never know when you paper sleeve will crumble to dust or rip like tissue paper or if you have no sleeve for your record at all.
Reviewed by:  from Ont. Canada. on 6/14/2020

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