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ADAT VHS Cleaner Tape - NOT Blackwatch

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Black Watch Cleaner Sequel
Brand: BLISS™ - (TTN private Label)
Our Part: 4BlackWatch
I understand this is NOT a Blackwatch brand item
Limited Supply -Genuine 3M BlackWatch [add $15.00]
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VCR Senior Tech-recommended ADAT Substitute for the obsolete VHS BlackWatch head cleaner.

We carry a large supply of a new Japanese made cleaner tape that uses the same technology that was used by the obsolete 3M BlackWatch head cleaner which is recommended in the ADAT owner/service manuals.  As a former servicer of over 10,000 VCRs we know that this is the safest way for a consumer to clean ADAT (or VHS) record and playback heads.
The secret to the safety of this head cleaner tape is concentrated dry cleaners embedded directly on normal video tape as it is no more dangerous/damaging than playing a new, regular VHS tape.

Simply put, our head cleaner is exactly the same safe analog technology as the completely obsolete BlackWatch head cleaner tapes.

Previously Released info (for reference only):

Recommended for ADAT recorders!
As a servicer of Camcorders and VCRs since 1992 AVCR Electronics (operates TurntableNeedles.com) only recommends Scotch (consumer quality) or BLACK WATCH (industrial quality) head cleaner tapes, both made by 3M. These tapes are the only ones that have dry cleaners embedded onto actual video tape inside the cassette, rather than an abrasive cloth which we have seen damage or destroy costly video heads by 'snagging' the brittle head tip with the non-video tape cloth and snapping it off. Your VCR is only designed to have video tape run through it!

Because 3M® head cleaners use real video tape they have a recording on them allowing you to see if/when your heads become unclogged without having to remove the head cleaner and insert another tape to determine if the head cleaner has solved the problem. We sell only the Blackwatch version which was good for up to 400 cleanings, originally but recently 3M quietly reduced the length of the tape by up to 75% and it now says "Good for over 100 cleanings". We are not happy about this. If you would like to contact 3M the info on the package is: 888-221-5048 innovation@mmm.com

From the (obsolete) VHS Blackwatch head cleaner box:
The 3M® BLACK WATCH head cleaner has been rated #1 by NESDA, the National Electronics Dealers Association, which is the trade organization for consumer electronics servicers. "The ONLY head cleaner endorsed nationwide by the National Electronics Service Dealers Association."

If your ADAT recorder won't play the tape, fast forward the tape to the end and then rewind back to the begining. Next, unplug the player from the wall for a little bit.  Sometimes the ADAT machines get time code confusion when playing an analog tape.  This is an analog tape designed for VHS VCR's.

Rating ADAT VHS Cleaning Tape
Once I got the tape out of its box (was very tightly inserted), I ran this cleaning tape through my Sony high-end SVHS VCR, following the instructions closely. It worked great, just as advertised. I highly recommend it for its safe and efficient cleaning of VCR heads. If you have a high-quality VCR like I do and want to ensure that its heads are adequately cleaned while ensuring that they are not damaged as can happen when using abrasive cleaning tapes, this is the tape you should use.
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Reviewed by:  from Yona, Guam. - 8/30/2015
Rating Buyer
Used this on a VCR that was eating all my tapes. Ran the cleaner 3 times before I attempted to play another. Worked fantastic. Not only can I safely play VCR tapes again but the picture quality has improved dramatically. Thanks for having this available. Would highly recommend to others!
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Reviewed by:  from Middle US. - 5/13/2012
I Think it is great, a good buy! Interesting to see the difference it makes.
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Reviewed by:  from Laurelville, Ohio. - 5/14/2011

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