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ADC ASTRION RSA Stylus | Stock# 113-DRSA | TurntableNeedles.com
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

ADC ASTRION RSA Stylus | Stock# 113-DRSA | TurntableNeedles.com

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly
OBSOLETE FOREVER - see related items below
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ADC RSA Astrion stylus 

SOLD OUT gone forever | see below for possible alternatives.

The RSA Astrion stylus is the ultimate upgrade

 We found it listed in the June 1st, 1986 (a great year btw) price list and it sold for $20 more than the widely acclaimed ZLM needle.

for use at 16, 33 or 45 speeds. NOT for 78 rpm speed.

Original needle color is: CLEAR
Used in: ASTRION cartridge by ADC

Hand-built Line contact, hand-poished radii Dimensions 0.25 mils scanning radius X 1.50 mils bearing radius
Tracking force 1 gram - 1.4 grams (nominally 1.20 grams)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz +- 1dB; 20Hz to 26kHz +-
1.50dB Output balance
Channel separation 30dB at 1kHz; 20dB at 10kHz
Impedance 47,000 ohms
Load capacitance 275pF
Cartridge weight 5.70 grams
Notes: Audio Dynamics Corp "top-of-the-line" cartridge. Inducted magnet transducer. Newly developed "Pivot System" which reduces the moving mass of the stylus system. No armatures or adhesives. Precision armature fitted to a compliant suspension block. Stylus cantilever is a laser-etched solid-sapphire rod with a high stiffness-to-mass ratio, minimized flexing and maintains stylus resonance above 25kHz and beyond. Low-frequency resonance (as tested by Stereo Review): 8Hz including tone arm weighting about 26 grams. "The Astrion's combination of high output, virtual independence of output load condition, extreme flatness of frequency response and uniformity of crosstalk response is noteworthy. Together with its low tracking pressure (its special tip shape distributes the already small tracking force over a wider area of the groove wall than the usual elliptical stylus), these factors make it one of today's better cartridges and one of which ADC can justifiably be proud. " - referenced from Stereo Review, January 1982
NOTE: Because this needle is designed for use specifically with ADC cartridges, it may be found in numerous brands of turntables. In some cases the cartridges for this needle may be original equipment supplied with a new turntable, but was more likely selected at time of sale to complete a turntable sold without a cartridge or later as an upgrade to the original cartridge supplied by the turntable manufacturer. This needle should be matched primarily to the cartridge type not necessarily the turntable.
Partnered with the best and staunchly independent Japanese phono cartridge designer of the day, ADC developed several ground-breaking cartridges that were keenly focused on low resonant materials for the cartridge body, and electrical construction that emphasized imaging and phase coherency in the Z, Y, and X planes (depth, height, and width).

The ADC Astrion is the first serious product of this low resonant series. The Astrion was built and distributed in the US as a “Statement” piece that ended the era of the low mass induced magnet XLM-type designs.

This is, however, no XLM! The cartridge body is made of a low resonant polycarbonate (similar to what the designer of this cartridge uses today in his current designs). The cantilever is a laser-etched solid clear sapphire rod, and the stylus is an extremely low mass, line contact design.

When mated correctly with a high mass tonearm, this cartridge is capable of a highly detailed, smooth, neutral, highly focused wide-bandwidth sound that was once thought only achievable with a top level Moving Coil.

Production and distribution of this cartridge was extremely limited.
Specs are as follows:
Output = 4.25 mv,
channel separation - 30db,
tracking force = 1.2grams +/-.2 grams,
cartridge weight = 5.7 grams,

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