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AT91 ADC LMH-1 Type Straight Tonearm Plug-n-Spin Pre-Mount Kit
AT91B Straight-Arm Plug-n-Spin Kit w/OEM ATN91B needle +ADC Type shell

AT91 ADC LMH-1 Type Straight Tonearm Plug-n-Spin Pre-Mount Kit

Our Part#:AT91B-Straight-ADC-Spin
Brand:BLISS Needles™
Complete, mounted with cartridge

*Required* Choose Option

Needle Choices
ONE ATN91-copy needle
ONE OEM ATN91 needle [+$6.00]
TWO ATN91-copy needles [+$12.00]
TWO OEM ATN91 needles [+$26.00]
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AT91 ADC LMH-1 Type Straight Tonearm Pre-Mounted Cartridge Kit

The ADC headshell is obsolete but the new production house brand straight >>>> plug~n~spin kit <<<< performs exactly the same at a lower price except that it does not say "ADC" on it.

The AT91 Straight Arm Plug-n-spin Kit is an ideal solution for your empty straight Japanese type tonearm.  You will receive a complete pre-mounted cartridge solution that is ready to fit many straight tonearm equipped "Japanese" type turntables with what is commonly known as a 'Straight-Japanese' tonearm.  This type of tonearm is usually found in Japanese Imports like JVC, Sansui, & Kenwood. As pictured above this type of straight tonearm is not linear tracking but instead pivots from the right rear corner of the deck which is known as a gimble mount tonearm.  It requires an empty socket at the front end of the tonearm. The tonearm socket must be .320 inches in diameter, have four pins in the socket, and a single TOP mounted set screw that secures the head shell in the tonearm tocket.

The cartridge is made by Audio Technica & the headshell is an ADC LMH-1 copy. The needle depends on what you choose above.  The cartridge and headshell come pre-assembled.

Once installed, how do I adjust tracking pressure and anti skate?
If you are lucky enough to have these two adjustments, move tracking force counter weight until the needle hovers perfectly balanced above the record. Now rotate the dial with numbers (not the weight itself) to zero. (this is zero grams pressure on record) then rotate weight AND numbers together to the recommended tracking pressure for your needle.  Then rotate anti skate to have a setting of equal value. Basically you want the least amount of needle pressure pushing down on the record as possible without it skipping or sounding bad. That will give you the longest life from your needle and records.

NOTE: Anti skate is adjusting side to side pressure WITHIN GROOVE of record. Tracking pressure is how hard the needle is pushing down inside the groove.

Specifications: Audio Technica AT91B 1/2" Mount Cartridge w/needle

Stylus: 0.6 mil Conical Bonded Diamond tip
Cantilever: Carbon fiber with OEM ATN91B needle chosen
Cantilever: Alloy round tube with copy needle chosen
Tracking Force: 1.5 - 3.0grams
Output Level: 4.2mV @ 5cm/sec. @ 1Khz
Frequency Range: 20 - 20Khz
Load Impedance: 47K ohm
Channel Balance: 1.5 dB
Combined weight as pictured: 9 grams
Channel Seperation: 20dB @ 1Khz & 15dB @ 10Khz

5 Stars
It's a plug a play device
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from charlotte,NC. on 8/4/2014
5 Stars
I was very pleased to receive this item within 5 days all tough I live in Japan. The cartridge quality is not so great but the company told me in advance it would be better to buy an other type. So all by all I found that turntable needle.co advised me honest and correct. In the future if I will sure use this company and also will recommend friends about their good service.
Reviewed by:  from Tokyo. on 6/9/2013
5 Stars
Good quality
Great replacement needle. works like new. Just plug and play with no problems.
Reviewed by:  from S0. Cal. on 5/22/2013
4 Stars
The vendor service was fine and the product works flawlessly. Installation was simple. The cartage, in this low cot item, does a good job but is not high quality, offering anemic bass and a little too much treble. Spending more for a better cartridge would be worthwhile.
Reviewed by:  from Bethesda, MD. on 11/19/2012
5 Stars
Works great!
Came as described, installed in seconds. I've already bought from turntableneedles.com again. Definitely recommended.
Reviewed by:  from San Francisco. on 3/2/2012
5 Stars
The speed at which this cartridge and headshell arrived and the quality of the shipping packaging were phenomenal!! Of course the pricing and general quality of the items were extremely good, especially when things like this are so hard to find in Australia.
Reviewed by:  from Coburg, Australia. on 2/10/2012
5 Stars
I have had no problems with the the product. Delivered on the date promised. Will buy again from Turntableneddles.
Reviewed by:  from Alabaster. on 1/9/2012

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