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Antistatic Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Arm
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Antistatic Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Arm

Our Part#:4475
Remove dust & static while spinning
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Carbon Fiber Cleaning Brush Arm

If you are looking for a modern version of Audio Technica's AT6002 known as the Autocleanica or similar, this is our modern quality all metal solution. Well, except for the carbon brush!

Cleans records as you play - reduces record and stylus wear by keeping those grooves dusted while you play - Eliminates static build-up. Will not interfere with tracking force and anti-skate like the brush that attaches directly to your tonearm. This is because it mounts on the left side of your deck and so does not interfere with any tonearm operations.

(from the box)
1. The Antistatic Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Arm may be placed in any convenient position around the turntable. For best performance the base of the unit should be fixed at the distance at which the carbon brush can reach the center of the turntable.
2. Adjust the height of the cleaning arm so that it is parallel to the record surface, then tighten the set screw in the base. Optimum pressure is provided by adjusting the position of the slide-weight on the arm.
3. This cleaner is designed with a conduction path from the tip of the carbon fiber brush to the base. Using the ground wire supplied, plug one end to the base and connect the other end to your systems ground terminal. Use of this ground wire will dissipate static charges and reduce the attraction of airborne dust during playback.

3 Stars
Well manufactured article
Handsome and well manufactured, includes a grounding wire, not shown. Collects considerably less dust than the ungrounded, plastic Watts Dust Bug of yore. Brush only contacts disc when sliding weight is as close as possible to the brush. In sum, won't hurt but may not help much.
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Reviewed by:  from Madison, WI. on 12/28/2012
3 Stars
Tonars Anti-Static Brush is a good quality made unit. However, installation instructions are poor at best - I have had the unit for a month and a half now and I’m still trying to find the best base location for complete album tracking by the brush. Also, getting the unit located so it will track at the same speed as the needle is a challenge without proper installation instructions.
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Reviewed by:  from South Carolina. on 10/23/2012
4 Stars
Tonar Brush review
It does a decent job picking up dust from the record. The instructions say to affix it to a spot where the brush reaches the spindle using the two-sided tape provided. However, I find that I need to move it around when I play different records as it sometimes tracks faster or slower, depending on the disc. Also, it claims to discharge static but I doubt the effectiveness of this feature. It's not perfect, but it's probably the best of this type of device out there.
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Reviewed by:  from Soouthern California. on 12/6/2012
5 Stars
I use this constantly! I am often surprised at how much dust it collects even after cleaning LP before playing AND using a Shure V15 with the brush down. A little tricky to handle; but I won't subtract a star because of the great performance.
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Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 10/17/2015
4 Stars
Nice working arm
The arm does what it should do. Placing is critical and the loose weight is too loose on the arm.
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Reviewed by:  from The Netherlands. on 1/12/2015

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