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Astatic 477 for RCA 106771 106770 etc Ceramic Record Player Cartridge | Tech Rebuilt Pak
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

Astatic 477 for RCA 106771 106770 etc Ceramic Record Player Cartridge | Tech Rebuilt Pak

Our ID#:Astatic-477
Ceramic Cartridge w/Needle

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Astatic 477 Type New Old Stock Legacy Phonograph Pickup | Tech Rebuilt Pak

This cartridge has been fully restored by our senior consumer electronics technician.  It is spendy because they are long since out of production so due to demand of those before you, our senior tech had to develop a repair bench jig to safely open the cartridge by drilling out the rivets. Next is full disassembly followed by removing all tarnish which has destroyed electrical conductivity over the decades.  Then, the tech's secret sauce is applied to internal contact points to restore and maintain electrical conductivity of all internal electrical junctions which is an upgrade over what the factory did, which is nothing so oxidation destroyed all contacts. Next rubber parts are rejuvenated followed by testing and QC and lastly is final assembly by installing new rivets.  

Fortunately, due to our large needle stock we are able to include a total package of three needle assemblies while supplies last.  One installed on the cartridge and two spares so that you will be able to enjoy years of service assured by our one year warranty on the cartridge rebuild.  BLISS™ is the only lab that is restoring these cartridges. Purchase of this pickup in N.O.S. condition for your RCA player from any other source will at some point result in cartridge failure.

RCA 106771 "out-phase" (had sapphire stylus)
RCA 106770 "out-phase" (had diamond stylus)

Replaces:EV 133D
RCA 106770-A
RCA 106770-B
RCA 200-2
RCA 200-11


• This Legacy Cartridge has been rebuilt by our senior tech circa 2020.
• May be tarnished or dulled from age.
•Tech Tested/Passed before shipment
•1 YEAR BLISS™ Warranty
•Free installation help by phone/email/chat
• Includes factory supplied needles. Click on image for 360° view.

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