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Automatic Cassette Tape Path & Head Cleaner Kit | BLISS
Automatic Cassette Tape Path & Head Cleaner Kit | BLISS

Automatic Cassette Tape Path & Head Cleaner Kit | BLISS

Brand:BLISS™ Site-Buster NO Coupon Req'd
Tape Deck Cleaning Kit
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Standard Automatic cassette tape mechanism cleaning kit. 

Being compatible with regular, auto-stop and auto reverse mechanisms, as this cassette plays, the center cleaning pad safely rotates on your center head. The side pads also rub against your pinch roller(s) and capstan shaft(s) to remove glaze build-up. Some high end mechanisms are equipped to 'sense' if your cassette tape is broken by sensing if both the supply and take-up reels are turning at the same time. This cleaning cassette unlike cheaper models is equipped with internal gears to ensure that both reels turn in sync so that your mechanism will not unexpectedly shut down during cleaning.

CAUTION: make sure to wait a few minutes after cleanings for any remaining cleaning fluid dampness to evaporate from the head(s) so that your audio cassette tape does not stick to the head and cause a jam or break your tape.

NOTES: The use of this cleaner is not a substitute for worn out drive belts. Meaning it will not fix issues such as your mechanism "spitting" out tape due to worn belts.
Sometimes however, the "eating" of tapes is caused by a buildup of "glaze" on the pinch roller. If this is the cause of your "eating" of tapes, then the tape will usually get mangled/crinkled.  In such a case, the tape often gets shoved up inside the cassette housing more so than spilling out into the compartment. If this is your case, then this cleaning cassette has the
potential to resolve this problem. Based on past professional manual cleaning experience, we suspect you would have to play this kit for several minutes with the fluid in place on the pads to be able to remove enough glaze to resolve tape crinkling from the pinch roller.
If you do not have the auto-reverse feature which requires two pinch rollers, then you only have to put cleaning fluid on the center and right cleaning pads. Not on the left side pad. The cassette can be played from both the A and B sides. So yes if you have only one pinch roller on the right, you can start playing the kit like a normal tape. from the flip side once your right side pad is worn out, thus effective doubling the life of the pinch roller cleaning capability on non auto-reverse mechanisms that are equipped with only one pinch roller. Finally, if you have an auto-reverse unit, you will have to play the mechanism in both directions in order to get both pinch rollers to rub against their respective cleaning pads as only one pinch roller/capstan shaft side can be cleaned at a time.  This is by design of the mechanism.

16 pads for pinch roller/capstan shaft cleaning; enough for 4 complete sets.
8 pads for center head cleaning;  enough for 4 complete sets.
Pad storage with sliding door on board.
Retail packaging; perfect for gifting.
About 20ml of cleaner in easy drip dispenser.
Does not normally include storage case. - Bag Included FREE while supplies last.

In most cases, each pad can be rotated in its holder to use another edge of the felt pad.  The pinch roller/capstan shaft pads are square so you might be able to use all four edges; enough for 16 total pad configurations.  The center head pads are rectangular so you might be able to get 8 total configurations from them.  This kit is not designed to clean a stand-alone record head found on the left side of manual or auto-stop units.  Not a substitute for professional cleaning but if used regularly it can certainly significantly postpone the need for professional cleaning.

Very rare, very high end decks  (confirmed on Nakamichi BX 300 - possibly Tascam 112 mkII ) won't play this long enough to clean as they may have an infrared sensor to detect that the tape is taught and so will shut down.  If your deck has an electronic "eye" please advise make/model so we can post it here and do not buy this product.

Depending on your tolerance for dirt build-up on the pads, you may find this kit useful for roughly 24 twenty second maintenance cleanings every 25-50 hrs and 8 deep forty-five second cleanings for decks that have "never" been cleaned. 

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? original sound - TurntableNeedles
5 Stars
Re: cleanpiece Cassette Tape Head Cleaner.... GREAT PRODUCT TO HAVE!!!
It's worked perfect as long as you use two drops of the solution (which is pretty much rubbing alcohol) like the instructions says! In fact I purchased a old General Electric Field Recorder from the mid-late 70's from a garage sale yesterday and it worked perfectly at getting all the junk out. Specially on the on the pinch roller. Where the junk eats the tapes and it gets stuck and crinkled! It really, really cleaned it out great and you can see it on the white pad on the Cleaner Tape.
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Toledo, OH. on 5/22/2011
5 Stars
cassette cleaner
cassette cleaner worked well and cleaned the pressure rollers of many years of buildup
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Chicago. on 3/26/2012
5 Stars
tony tone ton!
Best head cleaning unit ive ever purchased. also most expensive head unit ive ever purchased but totally worth it. Let the mix tapes commence!
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from atlanta. on 1/5/2013
5 Stars
retro cool
I was glad to find this head cleaner for the tape deck in my old car, which gets a lot of use. Some of the tapes were playing slow and murky, so the owner of my favorite record shoppe suggested cleaning the heads. The cleaner comes in 1980's- inspired packaging, with clear instructions and diagrams. (and a message of Good Luck!) Extra pads are stored in a caddy right on the mechanism.
Reviewed by:  from Hudson Valley, NY. on 4/18/2022
5 Stars
Analog Support
With Vinyl now surging, my old cassette deck has real relevance. So I had to replace the old dried out cleaner. Very cool to see it working.71
Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 6/9/2023

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