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BLISS DJ Stylus for Shure M35S, M35C, SC35C & M447X Cartridges | Stock# 766-D7DJ
BLISS DJ Stylus for Shure M35S, M35C, SC35C & M447X Cartridges | Stock# 766-D7DJ

BLISS DJ Stylus for Shure M35S, M35C, SC35C & M447X Cartridges | Stock# 766-D7DJ

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BLISS™ 0.7 mil Conical Diamond
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping
  • 2 - 3
  • $53.00
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  • $52.50

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BLISS™ Improved DJ Needle for M35X & M447X Shure Cartridges

also functional for Shure M25C, M35S, SC35C & M44GX Cartridges 

At 1.5 - 3.0 grams tracking pressure, this needle directly replaces: 

Discontinued SHURE Stylus N35X, N35XZ (white, 1.5 - 3.0 grams for Shure M35X)
Discontinued SHURE Stylus N447X (white, 1.5 - 3.0 grams for Shure M447X)

and works as a 1.5 - 3.0 gram substitute for:
Discontinued SHURE Stylus N25C  (red, 4 - 5 grams for Shure M25C)
Discontinued SHURE Stylus SS35C (light blue, 4 - 5 grams for Shure SC35C)
Discontinued SHURE Stylus N35S (chartreuse, 3 - 5 grams for Shure M35S)
Discontinued SHURE Stylus N44GX (Gray, 0.75 - 1.5 grams for Shure M44GX)

Note: As of press time it appears Shure never made M35C / N35C & M25S / N25S products.
It seems internet comments may be confusing them with the M25C / N25C.  Please send us proof if otherwise.


> Made in Japan
> Finished in USA with our exclusive dual fluorescent & glow in the dark painted tip, to provide maximum tip visibility in regular, low and black light conditions
> Every needle re-tested/adjusted on a Shure M447x at 2.25.5 grams in USA on Shure's Whitelabel demo album for skip resistance and stiction equal to, or better than Shure's N447X
> Modern magnet provides about 10% higher voltage output over factory specs for exceptionally strong signal without overloading cartridge

NOTE: Because this needle is designed for use specifically with SHURE cartridges, it can be found in numerous brands of turntables. In some cases the cartridges for this needle may be original equipment supplied with a new turntable, but was also likely to have been selected at time of sale to complete a turntable sold without a cartridge or later as an upgrade to the original cartridge supplied by the turntable manufacturer. This needle should be matched primarily to the SHURE cartridge type not necessarily the turntable.

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