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Belt Measuring Help

If we emailed this page to you, we have no belt listing for your specific model, but with over 500 drive belt sizes in stock, we do very likely have the belt you need........

Please use English measurement system if reasonably possible for you.  This online length conversion tool is very handy. If it's been a while you might even need a ruler refresher.
All belts are spoken of in terms of the total length/circumference, not diameter, like this:

                       ****Best Practice Method****
> Just thread some non-stretchable string around the pulleys of the belt path.
> Then measure the total length of the string and E-mail us the exact length (inches).

                          ****Last Resort Method****
   If string is not threadable around belt path which is rare, and you must provide the length
   of the old stretched out belt please provide the total  length of the belt pulled just enough
   to be straight and not beyond.  We seek the total relaxed current length *as if* the belt
   were cut from a loop into one long piece. If your belt is still in one piece, pinch it at each
   end and then double the measurement. This method is deemed last resort because
   belts stretch at various rates over the decades depending on environment.

                        ****Applicable to both Methods****
*** When you email us the results, you must indicate the length as "relaxed belt
     length" or "string length" so we don't wonder if you have already subtracted
     the industry standard of 3-5% for a new belt.
*** Please use English measurement system if reasonably possible for you.
*** All belt sizes are spoken of in terms of the total length/circumference,
     never the diameter across the "loop" or circle the belt creates when at rest on a desk.
*** We also need to know if your belt was round, flat or square in it's cross section,
      as well as the thickness and if it's flat, the width as well.

We can assist you in choosing a belt about 3-5% shorter than the length you
measured.  EXAMPLE: You measure 25" on your turntable with a string.....we
will recommend a 23.6" belt, NOT a 25" belt as there must be some tension
for your belt to work.  Also, if you multiply your string length by 0.95 and 0.97
then you can find a replacement yourself by size description.

All belts are sold with a free exchange policy.  We will not charge you any extra fees to exchange belt sizes for you.  Belts must be returned in resaleable condition and we ask that you inform us of the final belt that worked for your model so we can update our site for others.
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