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Camcorder - VCR - VDP - DVD - TAD - CD
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Camcorder - VCR - VDP - DVD - TAD - CD

We have 1000's of camcorder, VCR, Video Disc Players (aka Laser Disc Player) vintage computer and office equipment like dictaphone, computer cassette tape and disc drive and even answering machine belt cross reference listings offline.  With over 400 belts sizes in stock we are very likely to have the belt you seek.  Either email us your model # or try the instructions below, or both.

*** For fastest email response please use English (not Metric) measurement system if reasonably possible for you.
*** All belts are spoken of in terms of the total length/circumference, not diameter.

If you still have the old belt intact:
    > Lay it out flat on the table
    > Pinch it at both ends & straighten the belt but don't stretch it beyond straight.
    > Measure the length & then double that measurement, then
choose a size about 3-5% smaller. Or send us the info and we will choose.

Old belt too far gone to measure:
> Just use a piece of string and thread it temporarily in place of where the belt goes.
> Then measure the length of the string and Email us the exact length (inches) along with your exact model number.
   If your belt has a round or square cross section, please give us the thickness as well.  We can assist you in choosing a belt usually 3-5% smaller than the length you measured. 
    EXAMPLE: You measure  25" on your turntable with a string.....we will recommend a 23.6" belt, NOT a 25" belt as there must be some tension for your belt to work.
Can't get the string thru the turntable? least measure the diameter across the rim on the underside of the platter and we may be able to approximate what you need.

Not sure:
You can also mail us the belt(s). Use a padded envelope so the post office machinery does not tear out the items from a standard letter envelope.  Send your belts with a note including your make/model/phone number and email address to:

AVCR Electronics
582 SW Adams Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333

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