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Cassette Tape Deck Pinch Roller 1499-70 Black
Cassette Tape Deck Pinch Roller 1499-70 Black

Cassette Tape Deck Pinch Roller 1499-70 Black

Our ID#:1499-70-Black
Brand:GC Walsco
Cassette Pressure Roller Black 1499-70
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Cassette Pressure Roller

Replaces: This contains one roller each for 2.5 mm pin.

Found in: Many makes and models

Cassette Pinch (pressure) Roller Assemblies normally consist of the rubber roller, a pin (the shaft) and a U-Shaped frame.

In assemblies where the pin is press fitted or held in with a small set screw, removal is easy.

If the pin is riveted or swedged, it's going to take some work to remove.
Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult.
We expect you to be comfortable with small hand tools and have a proficient level of expertise before attempting this repair.
Remove as follows:
1) File or grind off the swedged end, or drill out.
2) If pin does not push out, spread the frame using 2 pairs of pliers on both sides of the pinch roller frame.
3) If frame should bend, restore to original shape by squeezing with pliers before inserting new roller.
4) Depending on the condition of the original pin, you may use it OR replace it with the pin supplied.
5) If necessary, use one or several miniature washers to center the roller.
6) Rivet will likely need to be peened into place.

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