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Digital Stylus Force Scale Gauge Jr.

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Ultimate Tracking Pressure Accuracy
Brand: BLISS Needles™
Our Part: SFG-4
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With our "GrooveForce Tracker Jr." electronic digital stylus force/pressure gauge you will never doubt your actual stylus tracking pressure again!

While adjusting your counter-weight is good and necessary, there are several variables that cast doubt about the actual amount of pressure the diamond tip is exerting on the vinyl.  Not the least of which is operator unfamiliarity.  Additional factors such as a new cartridge of a different weight, & how far the cartridge sticks out beyond the headshell can also make you wonder what is really happening at that tip.
NOTE: The stylus platform is made of ferrous metal.  This can affect the reading with some modern modern moving coil (MC) cartridges.  We've tested Grado MC cartridges and it works fine.  But the magnetic field of:
>Audio Technica AT-F7
>Linn Kandid
actually pull the stylus platform up thus creating a negative reading before the stylus could rest on the platform.  This effect does not occur on the immensely more popular MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges.

Armed with precise information, one can keep notes as the stylus tip goes thru it's life cycle, you can confidently know when it is time to replace the tip without having to try to learn what it should look like under a microscope.  A jeweler's loop is not enough, you must have experience under a special microscope with side lighting to really properly see tip wear. 
But, by taking a 'baseline' reading when you 1st setup your stylus and then checking the tracking pressure with your digital gauge as soon as you notice a problem that is not fixed by cleaning the tip, you can then gauge if a big jump up in tracking pressure is necessary to continue 'proper' playback.  When this happens, your finely polished diamond tip is on it's way to becoming, well basically a chisel dragging through your grooves.  By replacing the needle not too soon & not too late you will confidently know when to invest in a new needle and also not be chiseling out your records for a while until it becomes completely obvious to all that it's time to replace the needle.

Video of product below is of our main digital stylus force gauge listed here. Same principles apply.

Rating digital stylus force gauge jr
I really like this item i have used it on a lot of different tables and it works great, you can dial the stylus down force right where you want it .
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Reviewed by:  from wisconsin. - 7/8/2013
Rating Digital stylus force gauge
Wish I had one of these 30 years ago. These are really nice to use in setting stylus pressure. In fact after using it once I cannot imagine installing new stylii without using it. For the price the device is truly worth it. Very pleased with it.
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Reviewed by:  from Cambridge, MA. - 6/20/2014
Rating Digital Stylus Force Gauge Jr.
Glad I bought this from TurntableNeedles.com. This is a great tool to have at your disposal (especially if you change things up or have several turntable/cartridge combos). It works great for me and is very easy to calibrate. The display is bright and easy to read. The cover seems to work good too. I'm not sure why you would spend more for the others that are available, unless it makes you feel better when buying familiar brands.
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Reviewed by:  from Tyler, TX. - 4/11/2014
Rating Stylus Force Gauge
I've always been concerned how precise the balance weight scale is on my old turntables. Toyed with buying this for several months and after finally doing so, I'm very happy I did. Takes all the guess work out of it and validates the exact pressure that I'm wanting.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Kansas. - 5/23/2014
Rating Works great - nice price
This scale worked perfectly Low price, but easy to use - zeroed the scale, rested the stylus and got the tonearm tracking weight and it was right on the nose. Good peace of mind when looking at an old turntable rescued from the garbage!
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Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts. - 2/14/2017
Rating Turntable Record Digital Stylus Scale Gauge Jr.
Excellent and accurate. I am satisfied with item and price is right.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles - California. - 1/10/2017
Rating Digital Stylus Force Scale Gauge Jr.
Works well. Seems kinda cheaply made, however it does what its suppose to do. Goes up to 5g, which is overkill for what I need. Comes with a nice soft vinyl/leather case. Free batteries are A nice plus.
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Reviewed by:  from Pa.. - 7/20/2015

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