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Digitrac Cartridge 300SE
Digitrac Cartridge 300SE

Digitrac Cartridge 300SE

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OBSOLETE Digitrac 300 SE cartridge

Obsolete, see our Line of P-mount cartridges here. OR see related needles below if you have a Digitrac Cartridge in needle of a stylus.

This is a genuine Digitrac 300 SE cartridge . Made by Ortofon Denmark. Comes in the original "book" style case with paperwork, hardware and 1/2" (standard) mount adapter. Digitrac was a line put out by Ortofon for a short while. The SE stylus mounted on this cartridge is widely considered to be equal to the Ortofon sty-30.

This cartridge has a NUDE SUPER Elliptical needle which is top of the line. Nude because it is a single solid piece of natural diamond. Not a glued on man-made diamond. SUPER because it is cut to fit the groove of the record better than both entry-level conical styli and elliptical needles. As we understand it the term "SUPER ELLIPTICAL" is simply Digitracs' name given to their version of other premium cuts like Shibata, Hyper-elliptical, Stereohedron and so on. That being the case, this cartridge is a great bargain for "hi-end" playback.

Specifications: DIGITRAC 300SE Pmount Cartridge w/needle

Stylus Shape: Super Elliptical NUDE Diamond tip
Cantilever: Thin wall alloy tube (NOT for DJ use)
Tracking Force: 1.0 - 1.5 grams
Output Level: 4mV @ 5cm/sec. @ 1Khz
Frequency Range: 20 - 20Khz
Load Impedance: 47K ohm
Load Capacitance: 200-500 pF
Channel Seperation: 22dB @ 1Khz
Total Cartridge Weight w/needle: 6.0 grams

Various Digitrac needles:
S= Spherical (conical,entry level) found in the 190SBX cartridge.
E= Elliptical
NE= Nude (natural diamond) Elliptical (Obsolete)
SE= Super Elliptical (Originally sold with the 300SE cartridge.) Best version.

5 Stars
Great choice for P-Mount
This is essentially a rebranded Ortofon cartridge and is one of the best you can get for a P-Mount (T4P) turntable. As noted in the description, this cartridge has a nude super elliptical stylus which is very finely cut. It replaced a cheaper Audio-Technica cartridge with a worn-out spherical stylus on a JVC turntable and there was an immediate improvement in sound, particularly in the treble. Seems to be well made and comes with a convenient brush for keeping the stylus clean.
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Reviewed by:  from CT. on 1/14/2015

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