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EPS-P24 EPS-22ES EPS-23ES etc Type Shibata Stylus for Technics | Stock# 718-DSH
EPS-P24 EPS-22ES EPS-23ES etc Type Shibata Stylus for Technics | Stock# 718-DSH

EPS-P24 EPS-22ES EPS-23ES etc Type Shibata Stylus for Technics | Stock# 718-DSH

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly
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BLISS Stylus for Technics EPS-P24 EPS-23ES etc.

This shibata cut needle made in Japan will transform any cartridge with a lesser-equipped stylus into a high end playback solution capable of exceptionally faithful, clear and true sound reproduction.

stereo and mono ready - May be capable of quadraphonic 4 channel playback under the right conditions.

Quad stereo system not required to enjoy the near perfect sound reproduction that shibata tipped needles offer.
Shibata needles have maximum contact with the record groove, better than conical, elliptical and hyper-elliptical tips.
For any type of quadraphonic (4-channel) record playback, be it of the discrete (CD-4) or matrix (SQ) variety, in addition to this quality shibata stylus, the following components of a complete quad system must all be present and in working order:

  1. A Cartridge sold originally as being capable of 4-channel playback.
  2. A Record originally pressed with decodable information for channels 3 and 4 that is still in good condition. A record that is too worn will lose it's ability to provide the high carrier frequency needed for the amp to decode the rear channels even though you may still be able to hear the two primary left and right channels just fine. The record jacket will clearly advertise (brag) about this capability if it is present.
  3. A receiver or amplifier with the needed circuitry which is still functional. Capacitors and edge-connector connections often fail in these circuits leaving them no longer capable of decoding the rear channels 3 and 4.
  4. and of course 4 speakers hooked up correctly and situated in the 4 corners of a standard listening room.

Found in/replaces, but not necessarily limited to the following:
Most common replacements: EPS-P24 EPC-P24 EPS22ED EPS22ES EPS23ES EPS24ED EPS25ED EPS28ED EPS202ED
EVG NEEDLES 2655 2956D PM2855DE
PANASONIC/TECHNICS MODELS RX-C45 RXC45 SC-A430 SCA430 SC-A450 SCA450 SC-A640 SCA640 SC-A660 SCA660 SC-A810 SCA810 SC-A811 SCA811 SC-A812 SCA812 SC-A813 SCA813 SC-A814 SCA814 SC-A815 SCA815 SC-A816 SCA816 SC-A817 SCA817 SC-A818 SCA818 SC-A819 SCA819 SC-A8110 SCA8110 SC-A8111 SCA8111 SC-A8112 SCA8112 SC-A8113 SCA8113 SC-A8114 SCA8114 SC-A8115 SCA8115 SC-A8116 SCA8116 SC-A8117 SCA8117 SC-A8118 SCA8118 SC-A8119 SCA8119 SC-A8120 SCA8120 SC-A8121 SCA8121 SC-A8122 SCA8122 SC-A8123 SCA8123 SC-A8124 SCA8124 SC-A8125 SCA8125 SC-A8126 SCA8126 SC-A8127 SCA8127 SC-A8128 SCA8128 SC-A8129 SCA8129 SC-A8130 SCA8130 SC-A8131 Our ©opyrighted data contains proprietary, embedded data patterns. Support us, thee site that originally brought this tedious data to the web so you can get spinning again rather than others that copy our hard work. SCA8131 SC-A8132 SCA8132 SC-A8133 SCA8133 SC-A8134 SCA8134 SC-A8135 SCA8135 SC-A8136 SCA8136 SC-A8137 SCA8137 SC-A8138 SCA8138 SC-A8139 SCA8139 SC-A8140 SCA8140 SC-A8141 SCA8141 SC-A8142 SCA8142 SC-A8143 SCA8143 SC-A8144 SCA8144 SC-A8145 SCA8145 SC-A8146 SCA8146 SC-A8147 SCA8147 SC-A8148 SCA8148 SC-A8149 SCA8149 SC-A8150 SCA8150 SC-A8151 SCA8151 SC-A8152 SCA8152 SC-A8153 SCA8153 SC-A8154 SCA8154 SC-A8155 SCA8155 SC-A8156 SCA8156 SC-A8157 SCA8157 SC-A8158 SCA8158 SC-A8159 SCA8159 SC-A8160 SCA8160 SC-A8161 SCA8161 SC-A8162 SCA8162 SC-A8163 SCA8163 SC-A8164 SCA8164 SC-A8165 SCA8165 SC-A8166 SCA8166 SC-A8167 SCA8167 SC-A8168 SCA8168 SC-A8169 SCA8169 SC-A8170 SCA8170 SC-D130 SCD130 SC-D310 SCD310 SC-D320 SCD320 SC-D330 SCD330 SC-D340 SCD340 SC-D350 SCD350 SC-R300 SCR300 SC-3620 SC3620 SC-3640 SC3640 SC-3700 SC3700 SC-3740 SC3740 SC-3800 SC3800 SC-3840 SC3840 SE-60 SE60 SL-5 SL5 SL-6 SL6 SL-7 SL7 SL-8 SL8 SL-9 SL9 SL-10 SL10 SL-11 SL11 SL-12 SL12 SL-13 SL13 SL-14 SL14 SL-15 SL15 SL-20A SL20A SL-B10 SLB10 SL-B20 SLB20 SL-B30 SLB30 SL-B100 SLB100 SL-B200 SLB200 SL-B260 SLB260 SL-B280U SLB280U SL-B300 SLB300 SL-BD22 SLBD22 SL-27 SL27 SL-BD24 SLBD24 SL-BD26 SLBD26 SL-BD27U SLBD27U SL-D3 SLD3 SL-D4 SLD4 SL-D5 SLD5 SL-D20 SLD20 SL-D500 SLD500 SL-DL1 SLDL1 SL-DL5 SLDL5 SL-H201 SLH201 SL-H306 SLH306 SL-H307 SLH307 SL-H308 SLH308 SL-H403 SLH403 SL-L26 SLL26 SL-M1 SLM1 SP-10 SP10 SL-N5 SLN5 SL-N15 SLN15 SL-N25 SLN25 SL-Q1 SLQ1 SL-Q20 SLQ20 SL-Q30 SLQ30 SL-Q200 SLQ200 SL-Q300 SLQ300 SL-Q312 SLQ312 SL-QL1 SLQL1 SL-QL15 SLQL15 SL-QX200 SLQX200 SL-QX300 SLQX300 SL-V5 SLV5 SC-3500 SC3500 SC-3600 SC3600 SC-3610 SC3610 SL-B500 SLB500
PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS22ED EPS22ES EPS-202 EPS202 EPS202ED EPS-23 EPS23 EPS-23C EPS23C EPS-23CS EPS23CS EPS23ESEPS-24CS EPS24CS EPS24ED EPS-25CS Our ©opyrighted data contains proprietary, embedded data patterns. Support us, thee site that originally brought this tedious data to the web so you can get spinning again rather than others that copy our hard work. EPS25CS EPS-25E EPS25E EPS-25ES EPS25ES EPS25ED EPS-27CS EPS27CS EPS-28CS EPS28CS EPS28ED EPS-53CS EPS53CS EPS-P202CB EPSP202CB EPS-28ES EPS28ES P511S
PANASONIC/TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-202 EPC202 EPCP22ED EPCP22ES EPC-P22ED EPC-P22ES EPC22 EPCH22 EPC-23 EPC23 EPCH23 EPCU24 EPCU25 EPC-25 EPC25 EPC-28 EPC28 EPCP28 EPC202CBK EPC-P202C EPCP202C EPC-P23S EPCP23S EPC-P53 EPCP53 P-22 P22 P-23 P23 P-24 P24 P-25 P25 P-27 P27 P-28 P28 P-228 P228 P-128 EPC-P128 P-53S P53S EPC-P53S EPCP53S EPC-511S
YAMAHA NEEDLES N-8300 N8300 N-8400 N8400

4 Stars
jico shibata stylus for technics sl6 (eps p23 cs/p23 es)
bought this for my technics sl6.(e-bay purchase.) the original conical needle sounded dull and horrible! did some research and discovered the technics p23 cart is actually a very good cart, let down by poor sounding styli. decided to purchase this instead of the AT 95 cart.This has transformed my sl6. the sound is fuller,brighter richer and wider after just 4 hours playtime so will get better with more plays!!! customs fees, v.a.t etc pushed the price up to £120 - but is well worth it!
Helpful?  8 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from newark ,united kingdom. on 4/18/2014
5 Stars
Bought it for a Technics EPS-24 and it sounds great! The original stylus is only a spherical diamond and the update makes a totally different system.
Helpful?  6 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Germany. on 4/21/2012
5 Stars
It worked perfectly with Technics SL-B210 and the sound quality is excellent, with deep bass and clear treble.
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Salvador, Brazil.. on 8/25/2014
5 Stars
Bass reproduction with this needle is amazing. Also the clarity it achieves it stellar!
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from BC. on 5/29/2015
5 Stars
Very nice stylus
We recently purchased a used Technics SL-Q6 turntable. It works great but the stylus it came with was not great. Most of our records sounded dull. We wanted to upgrade to something that would work with our P28 cartridge and provided a decent sound. The first stylus we tried did not work well with our cartridge but the staff worked with us to find this one and it works great. The sound reproduction is very, very nice. The staff was great. Very helpful and diligent. If you have a functional P28 cartridge we would definitely recommend this stylus.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Baton Rouge, LA. on 4/7/2023

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