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EPS204 Type stylus for Panasonic EPC204 Cartridge etc | Stock# 7802
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

EPS204 Type stylus for Panasonic EPC204 Cartridge etc | Stock# 7802

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly

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BLISS™ Elliptical Gold
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Aftermarket high quality solution made in Japan.

may replace any of the following: (verify with visual match)
EPS-204 EPS204 as found in the EPC-204 cartridge.
EPS-205 EPS205 as found in the EPC-205 cartridge.
EPS-205C EPS205C as found in the EPC-205C cartridge.
EPS-205C2 EPS205C2 as found in the EPC-205C2 cartridge.
EPS-205C2S EPS205C2S as found in the EPC-C2S cartridge.
EPS-205C2LKX EPS205C2LKX as found in the EPC-205C2LKX cartridge.
EPS-205C2SKX EPS205C2SKX as found in the EPC-205C2SKX cartridge.
EPS-205ED EPS205ED as found in the EPC-205ED cartridge.
EPS-205ED3 EPS205ED3 as found in the EPC-205ED3 cartridge.
EPS-205ED4 EPS205ED4 as found in the EPC-205ED4 cartridge.
as found in the EPC-205EX cartridge.
EPS-206 EPS206 as found in the EPC-206 cartridge.
EPS-206C EPS206C as found in the EPC-206C cartridge.
EPS-206CK EPS206CK as found in the EPC-206CK cartridge.
EPS-206ED EPS206ED as found in the EPC-206ED cartridge.
EPS-207 EPS207 as found in the EPC-207 cartridge.
EPS-207C EPS207C as found in the EPC-207C cartridge.
EPS-207E EPS207E as found in the EPC-207E cartridge.
EPS-50 EPS50 as found in the EPC-50 cartridge.
EPS-51 EPS51 as found in the EPC-51 cartridge.
EPS-54 EPS54 as found in the EPC-54 cartridge.
EPS-84SM EPS84SM as found in the EPC-84SM cartridge.
EPS-85SM EPS85SM as found in the EPC-85SM cartridge.

SL1300/II, SL1400/II, SLDL5 SLQ2 SLQ3 SLQ33 SYSTEM 80'S IF you still have the originally supplied cartridge installed.
Equal to these other universal
7802 N313

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