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Empire Cartridge
Empire Cartridge

Empire Cartridge

Brand:Audio Empire
Empire Cartridge body only

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Needs Mount clip + Needle to Function
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IMPORTANT! This a genuine Empire Cartridge body only! Exactly as pictured. Use it to replace any old one listed below. As you can see, it has NO MOUNTING CLIP! So it will require your existing Empire spring steel 1/2" standard mounting clip, which should be held in your headshell with two screws. As you can see from the picture, the cartridge only says Empire (many have the lettering 'rubbed' off) and nothing else. We got these in a large buyout so we don't know their history. They may be new old stock, 'pulls' so a store could put something else in there, who knows? But, we will test continuity on each one before it leaves our facility, and guarantee it not to fail for 5 YEARS! This is intended as a backup for your existing Empire cartridge (see below) or to replace your old defective one. Magnetic cartridge failure is very rare, no matter what the brand, but the classic bad cartridge symptom is single a dead channel.
NOTE! Before assuming your dead channel is in your cartridge, swap the red and white RCA connectors that plug into the PHONO jack on your amp or receiver. If the problem moves from one speaker to the other, then the problem is in your turntable. If the dead channel stays on the same speaker then the problem is in your amp/reciever.

Electrical specs may vary but this cartridge can physically replace:
EMPIRE CARTRIDGES 66-LE/X 66LE/X 66-PE/X 66PE/X 66-QE/X 66QE/X 1000MZE 1000AE/111 1000AE/III 1000AE/X 1000AJS 1000E/11 1000E/II 1000E/X 1000EQ/X 1000LS 1001ZE/111 1001ZE/III 1001ZE/X 122XE/N 1803 2000MK111 2000MKIII 2000TE/X 2001AE/X 2001MK111 2001MKIII 2001ZE/X 2002/V-ZE 2002/VZE 2003SE/X 2003/Z 2003E/H 2003E/X 2003ZE/X 2004 2100E/111 2100E/III 2121E/111 2121E/III 2200E/1V 2200E/IV 2200XE/111 2200XE/III 2202E/111 2202E/111 2203E/H 2203Z/H 220XE/111 220XE/III 2300E/111 2300E/III 2400E/111 2400E/III 2500/111 2500/III 2500QE/fi 2500X/EP 250ES 3000/111 3000/III 3000A/111 3000A/III 3000AE/111 3000AE/III 3000D/X 3000E/111 3000E/III 3000ME/X 3000ME/X111 3000ME/XIII 3000MK111 3000MKIII 3000MS 3000XLE 3003 3003EE 3003EEE 3003SC 3500E/111 3500E/III 366HB 4000E/V 4000MK111 4000MKIII 4000XL111 4000XLIII 4000Z111 4000ZIII 4000ZE/X1V 4000ZE/XIV 4004ATS-4 4004ATS4 5000PHASE1V 5000PHASEIV 5000LS/X111 5000LS/XIII 5000MK111 5000MKIII 6000/XEE 6000/XEL 6000E 6000E/IV 6000E/1V 6006 660EEE 666E/3 67E/111 67E/III 6900E/3 7000ED 7000V 700NE 727E/111 727E/III 8000/XVE 8000EX 845QE/D 845 QE-D 845 QE/D 845QE-D 9000V/S11 9000V/SII 9000ZE/X 9900E/3 AE1000/XV B195E/11 B195E/II E500 EXL20 KX1000V LS6000 MK1VNE MKIVNE MODELTWO PRO4500/111 PRO4500/III QPHASE1000 QX2005 SE9300 TTE/111 TTE/III XL15-41E XL1541E Z400E/111 Z400E/III 1000/XLE 1000LSX/111 1000LSX/III 1000MEX/11 1000MEX/II 1000SE/X 2000ED 2000ME/X111 2000ME/XIII 2002/11 2002/II 2002XE 2002/Z 2002/ZH 2002E/X 2002EE 2002EE/X 2002HC 2121E/11 2121E/II 2200MS 2201E/11 2201E/II 2202E/H 2202Z/H 222E/111 222E/III 2500PE/X 2500X/EN 2600E 266RB 3000/11 3000/II 3000MK11 3000MKII 3000PHASEIV 3500/Z-11 3500/Z11 3500/Z-II 3500/ZII 4000XL/11 4000XL/II 4002ZE/X 5000E 500E 6000E/X 640EE 666E/2 66LE PE/X 67E/11 67E/II 6900E/2 727E/11 727E/II 8000/111 8000/III 9980E/2 990PE/X 999AE/X111 999AE/XIII 999TE/XIMP AE1000/XIII AE1000/X111 B195E/1 B195E/I CDM-1 CDM1 MK111NE MKIIINE QPHASE500 QX5000/1V QX5000/IV TTE/11 TTE/II XL15-31E XL1531E XLT/111 XLT/III Z200E/111 Z200E/III 1000 LS/X III 1000LS/XIII

5 Stars
Empire 2000E Body
I bought this to replace one that I bought on Ebay that unfortunately had a bad channel. The Ebay seller was gracious enough to refund my money, let me keep the mounting clip and tell me about this one being available. So far it performs perfectly with my supply of styli I have picked up. Sounds and works well!
Helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Florida, USA. on 9/13/2013
5 Stars
Empire Cartridge body only
Sounds and works just like it should.(absolutely fantastic) I built my own mount. setup with my sony ps-x50 with a fairly heavy arm. gets that sweet tone out of your records, no harshness whatsoever if paired with a good stylys. Highly recomended. totally happy with service and delivery (and price)was fast. Greetings Filip
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Sweden. on 11/24/2013
5 Stars
Empire Cartridge
I recently bought a Pioneer PL15D that came with a Empire 2000E/III I was very impressed with the sweet sound. After two weeks I lost the right channel I was upset. I have a dual 1219 with a shure M97EX but the empire sounded so good. Someone on a forum directed me to this site and told me about this cartridge. Shipped quickly got it set up and my oh my what a great sounding cartridge. Very happy thinking of buying another as a back up!!! Thanks!
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Eastern Washington. on 3/8/2015
5 Stars
Worked perfectly.
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Anchorage, Alaska. on 9/16/2012
5 Stars
Fast delivery
Item is here!!! Thank you!!! Ever again!!!
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Platanos. on 12/8/2012

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