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Empire DB-208 Flat Belt, Medium 38.8
Empire DB-208 Flat Belt, Medium 38.8

Empire DB-208 Flat Belt, Medium 38.8

Our ID#:FBM-DB208
Rubber drive belt (band) for consumer electronics.found in Empire turntables.

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Original factory specs were per above pictured DB-208 were:
.025 Inch / .6mm Thick
.196 Inch / 4.98mm Wide
Inside Circumference (total length) = 38.8 inches / 98.552cm. Certified to be exactly the same length, durometer and quality as the original Empire DB-208 part# that was provided to us in 2006. However it seems Empire saw fit to change the length of the DB-208 that was shipped at various times so proceed with extreme caution. This belt is as close as you will get to the genuine Empire 'DB-208' we tested, pictured above. The only difference is that our belt is .203 wide and the original belt was .187" wide. We have not found this width difference to be an issue. In fact this wider belt should provide greater stability and longer life.

Much confusion exists as to the correct size replacement belt for ALL Empire brand turntables. That's because Empire saw fit to build turntables with, in some cases as many as five different chassis under the same model number, thus requiring as many as five different belt lengths. This means it is absolutely impossible to rely on model number alone to source the correct belt. An absolute disaster!

So, the genuine Empire belt labels pictured above are wrong. They should read some not all. You MUST accurately measure your model's belt path with a string, then multiply the result by 0.95 & 0.97 and look for a length match below that is within the range of 3-5% less than your string measurement.

This belt is sometimes found in, but NOT necessarily limited to, the following Equipment:
Any Empire 200, or 300 series turntable.
(Any Empire 2xx, or 3xx series turntable.)
Empire 208
Empire 288
Empire 298
Empire 398A
Empire DB-208 (belt)

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