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Find BLISS Turntable Needle by OEM Cartridge Part Number

Searching Needles by Player Model #.

Flat flip-over needles for ceramic pickups in phonographs = 98% success rate. Proceed with confidence.

Push-in needles on magnetic cartridges in turntables = 30% failure rate. Danger! Will Robinson, you are in grave danger of having to repeat your mission. Here's why.

From our STYLUS SEEKERS article.
Most people would naturally expect that all they have to do is search for the needle they require by simply having the model number of the turntable. However cross referencing your needle by model number alone is very dangerous for the following reasons:

A) Sometimes a manufacturer changed the cartridge/needle combo 'mid production' without changing the model number.
B) Sometimes a turntable was sold without a cartridge at all, thus forcing/allowing the customer to choose almost any cartridge available at time of purchase.
C) Often someone changes the cartridge/needle combo after the turntable/phonograph was originally purchased in an effort to upgrade the sound, and so again it could have almost anything installed.
Any of the above conditions will destroy the much hoped for model-to-needle cross reference.

If you are 99% sure you still have the original cartridge that came with your player, then here is your best chance of finding your needle quickly. Proceed with guarded optimism and backup any findings with a visual match or look for a cartridge number as well.
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