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Flat Belt, Medium 9.0 Inch
Medium Flat Drive Belt

Flat Belt, Medium 9.0 Inch

Our ID#:FBM9.0
Rubber drive belt (band) for consumer electronics.
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9.0 Inch Long Medium Flat Electronics Drive Belt

  • Meets or exceeds OEM specs. Found in many types of equipment.
  • This belt is of recent manufacture. Original legacy belts no longer exist. If they did, they'd be too old to sell in good conscience. As far as we can tell, even if the manufacturer name was stamped on the belt, all belts supplied with original turntables were outsourced to a belt specialist manufacturer, like ours are today. Our belts are made using state-of-the-art vulcanization chemistry, forming highly crosslinked polymetric structures which ensure long-term elastic stability even under the harshest conditions.
  • Prior to installation of your new belt, the belt path should be cleaned. Here in the repair shop we would use common household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or a similar solution to clean the old, (often invisible) belt residue from the entire belt path, including the hub around the underside of the platter,so it doesn't contaminate the new belt. With the belt off, we would get the turntable into play condition and hold an alcohol soaked Q-tip on the side of the spinning belt motor pulley. It's amazing how much black contamination comes off from the old belt. See our
  • belt installation page for related details.

      This belt is found in, but NOT limited to, the following Equipment:
      CRAIG 2108 AKAI GX-7 AKAI GXF-31 AKAI GXF-51 AKAI GXF-71 AMPRO A-1010 AUDIOVOX C-979 AUDIOVOX C-993 SPA-5000H TTS-1080H BONSONIC 1717 A BONSONIC YS-2000 BRISTOL KE3230 CARTAPE CT-4355 CRAIG 212 CRAIG 2102 CRAIG 2107 CRAIG 2202 CRAIG 6401 CRAIG 6402 CRAIG 6407 DIMENSION 48 DUAL C-809 DYN DS-910 DYNAVOX 901 DYNAVOX 902 DYNAVOX 903 DYNAVOX 905 ELECTRA FXB-600C 3-6045A D-220 SDQ-9910H Flywheel SDQ-9922H Flywheel SDQ-9932H SDT-9310H SDT-9320H SDT-9410C H SDT-9415H Flywheel ST-3001H I D I AXT-838 I D I AXT-885 SR-30 MECCA MCR-7500 MUNTZ M-60 MUNTZ M-940 OLYMPUS RT-3535 CX-567EU RC-960 PROTON 3000-T Mini 8-068 RR-41T RR-43FMT RR-47T RR-57T TC-8T TC-48T FMT TC-70T TP-800 14-601 RECOTON AD-4000 SAMPO FR-86 MR-213 SEARS 8243 SEARS 8244 TA-56 TAMURA TA-56
      5 Stars
      fbm 9.
      This belt worked great in my jvc rc-m90 boombox for the capstan belt.
      Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
      Reviewed by:  from u.s.. on 9/1/2011
      5 Stars
      Sears Model 8244 Tape Recorder
      I was able to fully restore my Sears tape recorder given to be back in 1970 as a christmas present. It works perfectly now thanks to and their more than impressive stock of belt. Once in a while you come across a shop that does everything right.
      Reviewed by:  from Mesa, Arizona. on 4/26/2015
      5 Stars
      This belt is ideally suited for my tape recorder deck JVC TD-V541. This is what I've been looking for a long time. Thanks!
      Reviewed by:  from Kharkov. on 1/9/2018
      5 Stars
      New belt for my 8 track. Fits perfect, runs perfect!
      Reviewed by:  from Oak Harbor. on 3/27/2018
      5 Stars
      Drive belt
      Needed replacement drive belt for my ancient 8 track, sent in my old one and a couple days later new one arrived, fit and worked perfectly. Totally amazing. Highly recommend this company.
      Reviewed by:  from Eugene Oregon . on 1/2/2020
      4 Stars
      Tape deck drive band
      Have not installed yet, but appears to be the correct size and good quality
      Reviewed by:  from Brisbane. on 3/2/2020

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