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GIFT Certificate $30

GIFT Certificate $30

Our Part#:GIFT-30
For Someone Special
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Do you want to get a needle, belt or other special part for a loved one but don't wanna ruin the surprise being caught fiddling around with that turntable or stereo? Or worse yet, risk getting the wrong part because you're not familiar with their system. Then they get all happy opening the wrong part only to be bummed moments later when that needle doesn't fit.

Now you can purchase a gift certificate for someone special. Simply choose the amount you want in the dropdown menu above. A coupon code will be generated upon the completion of your purchase and emailed to the email address you used to checkout. You can then forward this code to your recipient via email. Then when they checkout on the website they will find the 'Apply Coupon' field when the click the 'View Cart' button at the top of our website during checkout.

Partially used gift certificates can still be used again later until gone. E-certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. Normal return/restock fees apply.


Points accumulated in your store account can buy gift certificates which can then be used towards future purchases on this website. The ratio is 10 to 1, thus netting a 10% future discount or 'cash back bonus'.

  • An account at TurntableNeedles.com is required to accumulate points, no exceptions.
  • Example: $50 worth of purchases creates 50 rewards points in your store account.
  • 50 points will buy you a $5 gift pin which can be used on future purchases of any item in the store.
  • Points are redeemable in multiples of 50 points at a time. So you must accumulate at least 50, or 100 or 150 points and so on to qualify for a redemption.
  • Log into your account.
  • From your Check Order status. File a Trouble Ticket. Help us Help You by Using These features. page, click on the 'Redeem' link in the 'My Rewards' section.
  • From the resulting 'My Rewards - Detail' page, click the appropriate 'Redeem' link right under any points amount shown that is less than the points you have accumulated.
  • The click the 'Click here to redeem' button on the resulting page once you are satisfied with the details shown.
  • This will generate a new order. Click the 'details link' on the resulting page.
  • The totals for the new order will be $0.00 on the order confirmation page. This is normal.
  • You will receive an 'instant' email with a coupon code to use on your next new order.
  • Enter your gift pin during checkout by clicking the button at the top of this website.

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