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Genuine ADC Cartridge Body
Genuine ADC Cartridge Body

Genuine ADC Cartridge Body

Brand:for ADC
Cartridge only

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Genuine ADC Cartridge as pictured. No needle included. May or may not have been mounted but it has been tested to be working correctly.

Replaces 80-90% of all ADC cartridges ever made. Most ADC cartridge bodies are the same, but when mounted with different needles the complete assembly of cartridge and needle together undergoes a part number change. This cartridge can serve as a new replacement for any ADC cartridge in the QLM, LM, P series, K6, K7, & K8 series. It may not perform quite as perfectly for the upper end series such as the VLM, ZLM or XT series, or any other series that has a gold colored body, but it will still sound good to all but the most discerning ears.

5 Stars
THIS IS THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY! These ADC "engine blocks" are truly phenomenal performers! No coils move, no magnet moves. Only the little tail end of the cantilever moves. The cart body is upgraded merely by plugging in a better stylus....it contains the stationary magnet. With a Vivid-Line, Shibata, or Hyper-elliptical stylus, you will get an UNBELIEVABLY good cart that rivals the Shure V15V, virtually ANY AudioTechnica, any Ortofon, any Grado, any Nagaoke, any Stanton/Pickering, any Denon, and virtually any MC cart for accuracy, sweetness, flatness, detail! I'm not exaggerating! I own all those carts!! I have had a NAD 9200 cart sitting since 1981--my first cart I ever bought. I decided to revive it; it's the same body sold here for $40! I bought a stylus for the ADC XLM/ZLM, mounted it a week ago.... I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW WELL IT SOUNDED!! IT BLEW ANYTHING ELSE I HAD OUT OF THE WATER!!!! I am not given to exaggeration. There is a reason ADC was heralded as one of the best carts of the 70s and 80s; detail, smoothness, accuracy, minimal moving mass of any cartridge design,tracking ability. It's still true today! No one has improved upon their design! The only thing you can get that's better? The ZLM or XLM cartridge body. GET THIS AND FIT IT WITH A ZLM OR XLM STYLUS.....YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
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Reviewed by:  from BIRMINGHAM. on 11/27/2017

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