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Genuine Shure N35XZ for Shure M35X Cartridge | Stock# 766-DN35XZ
OBSOLETE Shure N35XZ Shown for Reference Only

Genuine Shure N35XZ for Shure M35X Cartridge | Stock# 766-DN35XZ

Needle as Pictured, Requires Your Cartridge
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Now Shipping Genuine Shure N35XZ

Replaces: SHURE N35XZ needle
Used In: SHURE M35X cartridge
Original needle color is usually: White
NOTE: Because this needle is designed for use specifically with SHURE cartridges, it can be found in numerous brands of turntables. In some cases the cartridges for this needle may be original equipment supplied with a new turntable, but was also likely to have been selected at time of sale to complete a turntable sold without a cartridge or later as an upgrade to the original cartridge supplied by the turntable manufacturer. This needle should be matched primarily to the SHURE cartridge type not necessarily the turntable.

"The N35X features a 1.5-3.0 gram tracking force. If you have a subwoofer in your system, the M35X has a deep drop bass that should thump nicely. The mids are flat, and the hi-end peaks nicely between 10kHz and 19kHz. Its also great for mix tapes, where you normally lose high frequencies due to tape degradation." - shure.com


What's the difference between the N25C and N35X styli except price and color? They have the same tracking force, the same compliance, the same diamond tip size and shape, the same cantilever construction.


The difference between these two styli is the magnet size. The size difference provides a different magnet gauss strength; thus the N35X provides a higher sensitivity output by 2 dB, typically. - shure.com

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