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Turntable Ground Wires

Many Technics, JC Penney and MCS turntables were sold with a detachable ground wire and so are often in need of their missing ground wire.  If you have a buzz or hum in your vinyl record playback, then a missing ground wire is very likely the cause.

We hand craft all three major types here in USA.  While others, including Technics themselves, offer a bare wire with one fork lug, our staff electronics technician has leveraged decades of experience to supply you with a ground connection that is well soldered, crimped, gold plated when possible and strain reliefed to provide you the best possible, lowest resistance ground connection for the most reliable hum and buzz elimination possible.
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SFEL028-01E Technics Type Turntable Ground Wire - Improved
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SJPB7M Technics Type Turntable Ground Wire - Improved
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SFDLJ02N01 Ground Wire for Technics SL-J2 Turntable to Stop Hum
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