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JICO EPS-270ED SAS Type Stylus for Technics EPC270ED etc - our Needle 706-DSAS
Jico SAS 36-202ED for many Technics see below

JICO EPS-270ED SAS Type Stylus for Technics EPC270ED etc - our Needle 706-DSAS

Our Part#:706-Dsas
Brand:Jico SAS
JICO SAS needle for all 706 series
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Jico SAS stylus for Technics EPS-270 etc.

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Can you guess which one is the new "S.A.S." design?

Introducing... S.A.S. the Super Analogue Stylus

...for those who know what music should sound like.

S.A.S Super Analogue Stylus Recapturing the purity of true analog music is at the heart of today's LP resurgence.  Taken from the drawing board to reality with the best of today's technologies.  We confidently endorse this cut of stylus as the ideal solution for owners of Technics cartridges listed below.  Believe it or not, the manufacture of needles never stopped. There remains one manufacturer that can make a stylus better than high end Technics without the extra cost of owning an original "out of print" technics stylus as if it were a work of art. Now you can upgrade your high end Technics stylus to "Micro-Ridge" status! The SAS cut is born from the the Shure Micro-Ridge tip design which is widely considered the top of the Shure line and has now be retasked for use in high end Technics cartridges at a reasonable and fair cost. Audiophiles are reporting to us that this SAS diamond cut sounds better than the original MR cut!!


  1. Compatible with wider and deeper grooves (Micro Groove).
    Carefully chosen natural octahedron single-crystals are used for the diamond tip. Can also be used on records with 30-280 micron grooves opposed to the simple conventional 30-80 micron. (NOT for 78rpm use.)
  2. The secret to accurate regeneration is its thinness and configuration.
    Its main attribute is not only the consistency found in the few microns of width and height, but the unique finishing touches that preserve the high precision. We have realized a curvature with a smaller radius that was impossible with the Micro Ridge Stylus.
  3. Reduce strain and noise caused by needle abrasion.
    Outstanding abrasion resistance that does not taper or thicken. Since the curvature radius does not change, the stylus accurately traces without missing any delicate signals. In particular, the accuracy demanded of the curvature radius in the reproduction of the upper register range of the record's inner circumference, demonstrates its capabilities such as its extensive dynamic noise range.
  4. Polishing technique that significantly reduces damage to the record groove.
    We practice an advanced polishing technique used by well known domestic and international cartridge makers. This will preserve the record groove for longer periods.

Entry Level





Line Contact


Conical stylus tip Elliptical stylus tip Line Contact stylus tip S.A.S. stylus tip

S.A.S stylus tip
S.A.S stylus tip
  1. Natural (not bonded nor man-made) single crystal octahedron diamond tip used for stylus tip.
  2. Boron is used for the cantilever for its large oscillation transmission effect without unwanted harmonics.
  3. Rare Earth Magnets are used for optimal electromagnetic induction.
  4. The One Point System has been adopted in the pursuit of precise technologies that reproduce all micro vibrations from the stylus tip that prevent distortion when properly aligned.
  5. A piano wire (0.06mm thick) braided core is carefully assembled one by one under a microscope to prevent vibration deviation due to slight misalignment.

  6. Always use the S.A.S needle at the recommended tracking force settings (1.25±0.25grams). If the stylus pressure is above the recommended range it may ruin or damage the stylus and record and cause poor sound reproduction.
  7. It is important to clean your records and stylus to protect them from abrasion damage caused by dust and debris that have accumulated on records or that have adhered to the stylus tip.
  8. Take precautious not to allow anything to come into contact with the stylus that will cause damage.
  9. To determine when to replace your stylus you should take the various playing conditions into consideration. On average the stylus lasts two or three times longer  than the average diamond tip stylus. However, record material quality, tracking force, surface dirt and alignment all play a synergistic role towards stylus longevity.
  10. As with the original Shure's, if you use the brush guard system, this "lifts" the stylus up with about half a gram so you will need to increase your tracking force setting to 1.75 to achieve about 1.25 grams at the tip.

Replaces or is found in, but not necessarily limited to:
TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-270 EPS-290 EPS-440QD (quad channel) EPS-52 EPS-53 EPS-56 EPS-270ED
• TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-270C EPC-271C EPC-290 EPC-290C EPC-441C EPC-56 EPC-79 EPC-86 EPC-87  EPC-96 EPC-270CII (EPC-2700II?)

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