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JVC DTZ1EB Type Needle 7986

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New Stylus as Pictured, for your Cartridge
Brand: BLISS Needles™
Our Part: 7986-DTZ1EB
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Hi quality replacement for:
• C-128R C128R

Found in:
• JVC CARTRIDGES MD-1025Z MD-1025ZE MD-1025Z1S MD-1027B

 May be found in, but NOT limited to the following
sampling of JVC MODELS: 
(Original cartridge must still be present)                    
• JVC  G-10
• JVC  G-50
• JVC  G-L110
• JVC  G-X110
• JVC  G-R100
• JVC  G-R200
• JVC  G-R40
• JVC  G-X303
• JVC  G-X403
• JVC  G-X503
• JVC  L-A11
• JVC  L-A20
• JVC  L-A21
• JVC  L-A31
• JVC  L-F41
• JVC  L-F66
• JVC  QL-A51
• JVC  QL-F61
• JVC  QL-Y5F  See **Find My Player** for details and additional models not shown here.

Serves as an upgrade in those model which may have originally been supplied with a conical tipped needle and still have the original cartridge.

CAUTION!: The 703-D7 needle shown below may look like this 7986 needle, but it is NOT interchangeable!  Be careful not to confuse the two.

Rating Very good for the price !
Arrived in good order. Now running in, but sounds already very comfortable to my old ears. For the price an excellent solution if you do not want to go for the more expensive JICO stylus option.
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Reviewed by:  from Netherlands. - 6/1/2014
Rating Goodness gracious me !
I purchased a JVC QL-A2 TT with JVC Z1-S cartridge and broken stylus recently . Instead of getting the cheaper spherical tip , I decided to get this stylus and , man , does it sound good ! Solid bass , with well balanced mids and highs . Thank you for another winner !
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cape Town ZA. - 4/9/2014
The diamond elliptical stylus arrived very promptly, in New Zealand, in perfect condition and it works wonderfully with our JVC ZX-1 cartridge. The sound reproduction, through a Denon amplifier, is--to our musical taste (I am a violinist) much superior to CDs of the re-engineered recordings available of the same works. Thank you kindly for helping us enjoy our "vintage" 33 rpm vinyl recordings all over again!
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Reviewed by:  from Auckland, New Zealand. - 7/24/2013
Rating Good match, fast shipping
Fast shipping. Good match and similar sound to the original jvc stylus. For better sound one will need to invest more.
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Reviewed by:  from Belgium. - 2/11/2012
Rating About what one would expect
Ok. Nothing special. About what one would expect in this price range. If you got the coin to do so, invest in something better.
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Reviewed by:  from Earth. - 7/30/2011

Q: Hi, I would appreciated if you could help me, my old turntable is a JVC QLA2 and the cartridge Z1S, is this needle compatible [JVC DTZ1EB Type Needle 7986]? Is there a better choice in that price range? It is suggested by the manufacturer the weight to be 2gr and the antiskating 2 also using the "elliptical" settings of course, do I have to change anything if I use the JVC DTZ1EB Type Needle 7986 of yours?
Asked by:  - 5/4/2014
A: I would recommend this needle.

2 grams would be a compatible tracking weight.

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