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N17-sd Type Stylus for Astatic 207 and 235 Cartridges - our Needle 172
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

N17-sd Type Stylus for Astatic 207 and 235 Cartridges - our Needle 172

Our ID#:172-
Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly

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SS77=LP only(Sapphire LP x2)
DS77=LP only(DiamondLP/SapphireLP) [+$6.00]
DS73=All speed(Diamond LP/Sapphire 78) [+$10.00]
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Astatic type N17-sd etc Phonograph Needle

Once you have determined that this is the needle type you seek, we have prepared an FAQ detailing the various tip and speed option choices. For details, go to Flip Needles FAQ

Replaces Astatic needles: N17-SD Used in Astatic 207D & 235 cartridges.

ELECTROHOME MODELS H05-006CARLN H05006CARLN H05-M7SRNTO H05M7SRNTO H05-008TAMP H05008TAMP H05-011CIR707 H05011CIR707 H05-013ACADN H05013ACADN H05-014DELMAR H05014DELMAR H05-015BCHMT H05015BCHMT H05-016AVON H05016AVON H05-021FLAM H05021FLAM H06-009LYNBK H06009LYNBK H09-116SARSTA H09116SARSTA H14-201NADRA H14201NADRA H14-202 H14202 H14-203ACADN H14203ACADN H14-203SORR H14203SORR H14-206WESTMT H14206WESTMT H14-208SHERDN H14208SHERDN H14-213SEVIL H14213SEVIL H19-201 H19201 H19-301 H19301 H20-305MADRA H20305MADRA H20-306SORR H20306SORR H20-308HAMP H20308HAMP H20-314BALMRL H20314BALMRL H20-319BORD H20319BORD H20-320TANGR H20320TANGR H20-322CENT H20322CENT H20-325GRANDA H20325GRANDA H20-326SEVIL H20326SEVIL H20-332CLPSO H20332CLPSO H23-302ST125 H23302ST125 H27-401BORD H27401BORD H27-402MADRA H27402MADRA H27-405HMPSHR H27405HMPSHR H27-406PMJML H27406PMJML H27-418SNTGO H27418SNTGO H27-423SR2402 H27423SR2402 H27-424MADRID H27424MADRID MADIERA SORRENTO
ELECTROHOME NEEDLES H09-109CORDOVA H09109CORDOVA H09-114DiM H09114DiM H09-115Castnt H09115Castnt H09-116SarSta H09116SarSta FIDELITONE NEEDLES AC521

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