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Nagaoka MP-200 Turntable Phono Cartridge - USA Stock
Nagaoka MP-200 Turntable Phono Cartridge - USA Stock

Nagaoka MP-200 Turntable Phono Cartridge - USA Stock

Nagaoka MP200 Cartridge
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Nagaoka MP-200 Moving Permalloy Stereo Phono Cartridge.

Stocked in USA! - 1 Year USA Warranty

Owner's manual PDF

Nagaoka company image below for reference only shows the "H" versions. You will not receive a headshell unless you purchase one in the related items section below.
5 Stars
Nagaoka MP-200
Based upon all the positive comments I'd seen, I figured this wouldn't be too much a leap of faith. However, you never know until you try. I can happily report the MP-200 has wonderful synergy with my Technics SL-1700Mk2 table. Plays all vinyl well, but really makes you want to seek out clean, cared for recordings. As much as I liked my M97xe/Jico SAS, the Nag sounds a bit smoother, but still very detailed. I enjoyed the Nagaoka house sound so much, I ordered an MP-500.
Helpful?  24 of 24 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from St. Louis. on 2/26/2014
5 Stars
Nagaoka MP-200
This cartridge is fantastic! Great detail, balanced frequency response (nothing missing or overemphasized), very fast, and full-sounding with a touch of warmth. It tracks like a champ, and is quite forgiving of surface noise. It is a very "revealing" cartridge, though; if the record was engineered for a transistor radio, the MP-200 will not magically make it sound great. But well-produced records sound amazingly good, more like live music than any other cart I've heard.
Helpful?  20 of 20 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 5/11/2013
5 Stars
Great sounding cartridge!
The Nagaoka MP200 cartridge was exactly what I needed for my Technics turntable. It is a great sounding cartridge that brings out so much more detail and warmth than the Pearl cartridge that I was using before. The price point was right for the upgrade I was after. Mono recordings from the 50’s and 60’s never sounded better! I continue to search out clean well produced records and I’m thrilled when I hear the results the MP 200 gives me. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again. I believe I made an excellent choice in an affordable great sounding cartridge! Tuentableneedles.com is now my first choice go-to for all my phonograph needs!
Helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Santa Barbara. on 2/28/2021
5 Stars
Nagaoka MP200
Just an absolute upgrade from the Ortofon 2M-Red. Criper and clearer sound on all levels, tight and clear base, energetic/ dynamic sound.
Reviewed by:  from Hoofddorp. on 2/20/2023
5 Stars
I finally got the MP-200 on it's permanent headshell, and I had some time this morning to throw the Nagaoka 150 and 200 into a cage match shootout. Full disclosure, I only have about 8 hours on the MP-200 and over 20 hours on the MP-150. The Nagaoka Carts need about 20 hours to really "wake up". The two songs that I chose for this exercise were Culture Club's Miss Me Blind and Steely Dan's Babylon Sister. I wanted see how they did head to head on songs that covered a diverse sonic range. I had my daughter as a third party, disinterested, double blind ear test on the Miss Me Blind track. The 150 and 200 are identical in size, weight, tracking force and mounted to the exact same type of headshell, so the swap was quick and easy. First spin of Miss Me Blind was on the 200. Great detail out of the 200! Spun Miss Me again with the 150 and asked the daughter "how did it sound?" She said that the 150 was brighter, which I agreed with. The one thing that I heard in the 200 over the 150 was the detail and the "realness" of the instruments, the longer fade out of the cymbals, and the background sounds were more visible. Next up was Babylon Sister with the 150. To begin with, the engineering on that song and album are stunning. You drop the stylus on that album and the first note is WOW! The 150 did everything right. It was lively, tracked well and as a good buddy of mine once said of the MP series of Carts, who is another hopeless Vinyl Head - "comfortable" to listen to". Swapped out for the 200 and spun that track again, and DANG! Slightly less bright - BUT - the detail was stunning! The instruments were so real and present. Almost like they were in the same room as me, but yet, had that wonderful Nagaoka "comfortable" swagger that makes it a joy to sit and absorb the tune. Final thoughts - you can't go wrong with either. The 200 gives you another level of clarity and detail. The 150 is a bright, warm, spring morning that just makes you happy just walking down the sidewalk, with no real destination, just glad to be out in it. Another great Nagaoka Cart is the MP-110. I started my Nagaoka journey with that cart and to my ear, gives the Ortofon Blue something to be scared of. The MP-110 punches above its price point. The Blue is a great Cart, but any of the Nagaoka Carts sound more refined to my ear. Warmer than the Blue or Red, but doesn't lack in dynamics.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Oregon. on 6/3/2024

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