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Needle 376-D7-type2
Needle 376-D7-type2

Needle 376-D7-type2

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly
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560352-2 560366-2 Type Two Needle for Magnavox

100% interchangeable with type one.

Primarily Replaces:

MAGNAVOX 560352-2 560366-2 needles

Primarily Used In:

MAGNAVOX 560348-1 560353-1 cartridges

Equivalent to these other universal replacement #'s:

Astatic N405 
MAGNAVOX NEEDLES 560348 560352 560353 5603520002 560366 560379 5603790002

We have confirmed that this needle works on the EV 5000 cartridge and that it is interchange with the 376-D7-type2 (see related items below)

Don't confuse this needle with our 558-D7 needle!

May be Found in:

EVG ELECTROVOICE CARTRIDGES 5000 5064 5078 5096 5099 5543 5544

SEARS MODELS 3259 32621 32622 32623 32641 32642 32643 32644 32645 32646 32647 32648 32649 32650 32651 32652 32653 32654 32655 32656 32657 32658 32659 32660 32661 32662 32663 32664 32701 32712 32713200 32721 32722 32741 32751 32841 32860006 32871
MAGNOVOX MODELS 1C7814 1C7816 1C7842 1C7854 1C7856 1E1009 1E1010 1E1011 1E1012 1E1013 1K8884 1P2507 1P2508 1P2509 1P3041 1P3042 1P3046 1P3341 1P3342 1P3343 1P3344 1P3345 1P3346 1P3347 1P3348 1P3349 1P3350 1P3351 1P3352 1P3353 1P3354 1P3355 1P3356 1P3357 1P3358 1P3359 1P3360 1P3361 1P3362 1P3363 1P3364 1P3365 1P3366 1P3367 1P3368 1P3369 1P3370 1P3371 1P3372 1P3373 1P3374 1P3375 1P3376 1P3377 1P3378 1P3379 1P3380 1P3381 1P3382 1P3383 1P3384 1P3385 1P3391 1P3392 1P3393 1P3394 1P3395 1P3426 1P3501 1P3671 1P3672 1P3673 1P3674 1P3675 1P3676 1P3677 1P3678 1P3679 1P3680 1P3681 1P3682 1P3683 1P3684 1P3685 1P3731 1P3732 1P3733 1P3734 1P3735 1P3772 1P3773 1P3774 1P3775 1P3776 1P3777 1P3778 1P3779 1P3780 1P3781 1P3782 1P3783 1P3784 1P3785 1P3786 1P3787 1P3788 1P3789 1P3790 1P3791 1P3792 1P3793 1P3836 1P3837 1P3838 1P3839 1P3840 1P3841 1P3842 1P3843 1P3844 1P3943 1P3944 1P3945 1P3946 1P3947 1P3948 1P3949 1P3950 1P3951 1P3952 1P3953 1P3954 1P3955 1P3956 1P3957 1P3958 1P3959 1P3960 1P3961 1P3962 1P3963 1P3964 1P3965 1P9270 1P9283 1P9284 1P9285 1P9287 1V9065 1V9075 2P2560 2P3421 2P3422 3P2517 3P2518 3P3020 3P3022 3P3023 3P3320 3P3322 3P3323 CD4945 CD4946 CD4947 CE4945 CE4946 CE4947 ED2000-BK22 ED2000BK22 ED2000-BK23 ED2000BK23 ED2000-MK24 ED2000MK24 ED2003-BK21 ED2003BK21 EF2004 EF2005 EF2006 EF2007 EF2008 EF2009 EF2010 EF2011 EF2012 EF2013 EF2014 EF2015 EF2016 EF2017 EF2018 EF2019 EF2020 EF2021 EF2022 EF2023 EF2024 EF2025 EF2026 EF2027 EF2028 EF2029 EF2030 EF2031 EF2032 EF2033 EF2034 EF2035 EF2036 EF2037 EF2038 EF2039 EF2040 EF2041 EF2042 EF2043 EF2044 EF2045 EF2046 EF2047 EF2048 EF2049 EF2050 EF2051 EF2052 EF2053 EF2054 EF2055 EF2056 EF2057 EF2058 EF2059 EF2060 EF2061 EF2062 EF2063 EF2064 EF2065 EF2066 EF2067 EF2068 EF2069 EF2070 EF2071 EF2072 EF2073 EF2074 EF2075 EF2076 EF2077 EF2078 EF2079 EF2080 EF2081 EF2082 EF2083 EF2084 EF2085 EF2086 EF2087 EF2088 EF2089 EF2090 EF2091 EF2092 EF2093 EF2094 EF2095 EF2096 EF2097 EF2098 EF2099 EF2100 EF2101 EE2004 EE2005 EE2006 EE2007 EE2008 EE2009 EE2010 EE2011 EE2012 EE2013 EE2014 EE2015 EE2016 EE2017 EE2018 EE2019 EE2020 EE2021 EE2022 EE2023 EE2024 EE2025 EE2026 EE2027 EE2028 EE2029 EE2030 EE2031 EE2032 EE2033 EE2034 EE2035 EE2036 EE2037 EE2038 EE2039 EE2040 EE2041 EE2042 EE2043 EE2044 EE2045 EE2046 EE2047 EE2048 EE2049 EE2050 EE2051 EE2052 EE2053 EE2054 EE2055 EE2056 EE2057 EE2058 EE2059 EE2060 EE2061 EE2062 EE2063 EE2064 EE2065 EE2066 EE2067 EE2068 EE2069 EE2070 EE2071 EE2072 EE2073 EE2074 EE2075 EE2076 EE2077 EE2078 EE2079 EE2080 EE2081 EE2082 EE2083 EE2084 EE2085 EE2086 EE2087 EE2088 EE2089 EE2090 EE2091 EE2092 EE2093 EE2094 EE2095 EE2096 EE2097 EE2098 EE2099 EE2100 EE2101 PD6304 PD6306 BG4924 BG4926 CA4936
5 Stars
This needle is exactly what I needed. Better yet, I ordered the wrong needle (due to my own negligence) and they still took it back, found the correct one, and sent it to me for no extra shipping charges. This place is awesome, and they're doing us all a service. It's nice to not feel screwed by the system for once. Props.
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Reviewed by:  from Flagstaff, Arizona. on 8/11/2011

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