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Needle 764-D3 for 78rpm ONLY
Shure VN78E Aftermarket conical substitute

Needle 764-D3 for 78rpm ONLY

Our Part#:4-764-D3
Brand:BLISS Needles™
New Stylus as Pictured, for your Cartridge
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This is a high quality JICO brand name aftermarket copy. Sourced out of Japan , it is diamond conical, not elliptical.  The 766 D3 is a modern Shure Conical replacement that can act as an OEM replacement.

• "D3"=Diamond 2.5 mil conical.  The original obsolete Shure VN78E was ELLIPTICAL. 
• for 78 rpm speed only.
• 1.5 - 3 grams tracking pressure.
• Elliptical needles have more efficient contact with the surface of the record than a conical tip.
• Replaces: SHURE VN78E VN-78E needle
• Used In: SHURE V15 type III cartridge
• Original needle color is usually: GREEN
• NOTE: Because this needle is designed for use specifically with SHURE cartridges, it can be found in numerous brands of turntables. In some cases the cartridges for this needle may be original equipment supplied with a new turntable, but was also likely to have been selected at time of sale to complete a turntable sold without a cartridge or later as an upgrade to the original cartridge supplied by the turntable manufacturer. This needle should be matched primarily to the SHURE cartridge type not necessarily the turntable.

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