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Ortofon 2M Blue Plug and Play Cartridge Mk II
Ortofon 2M Blue Plug and Play Cartridge Mk II

Ortofon 2M Blue Plug and Play Cartridge Mk II

Ortofon 2M Blue Plug-n-Play Mk II
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ORTOFON 2M Blue Plug n Play Cartridge Mk II

Obsolete - See NEW Ortofon 2M Plug n Play Cartridge Kit on SH-4 Ortofon Heahshell HERE or in "Related Items" Below

2M Blue Plug and Play Mk II

This Mk II version features an updated weight of the headshell, making it compatible with modern S-shaped tonearms without having to upgrade the counterweight.

The new 2M headshell is a practical and elegant solution for our customers who wish direct and easy mounting and replacement on their tonearm. The combination of 2M Headshell and 2M Series cartridge adds unique distinction to the turntable!

2M-Blue PnP2M Headshell feautures:

  • Universal mount fitting a wide range of tonearms. NB: on Technics models please use the auxiliary weight which is vital in this case.
  • For curved S shaped tonearms only! Not for Japanese type straight arms.
  • The headshell body is manufactured from a special compound used for Medical industry, ensures high rigidity while reducing unwanted vibration
  • Elegant hi-tech design
  • Length 52mm. Headshell with a 2M cartridge pre-mounted provides correct Baerwald alignment with Ortofon TA-110/210, likewise with the major part of tonearms with universal mount
  • Weight 16,9g, weight with a 2M cartridge pre-mounted 20g
  • Exclusive plug-and-play solution

from http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue39/ortofon2m.htm :
"The 2M series is available in four different iterations, which are divided into two tiers. The 2M Red ($99) and Blue ($199) share the same plastic cartridge body and engine, but where the Red uses a standard ellipitical stylus, the Blue employs a polished, nude ellipitcal diamond. The second tier is comprised of the Bronze ($389) and Black ($669), which share an advanced Noryl/glass composite body and a more sophisticated engine. The Bronze sports a nude fine-line diamond, while the Black has a top-of-the-line Shibata profile. Both the Bronze and Black also use silver-plated wire internally instead of copper. Styli are interchangeable within both tiers, so the buyer of a Red can cost-effectively upgrade to Blue for only the price of the stylus unit. Ditto with the Bronze and Black."

From Ortofon:

The Orotofon 2M logoThe 2M series were developed in conjunction with Danish designer ¸ller Jensen Design the same designer who designed the award winning MC Jubilee and Kontrapunkt series. Inspired by the facets of a diamond, whose contours gracefully trace the grooves on a records surface, the 2Ms handsome elegance establishes a great combination of form and functionality.

2M are designed for precise and accurate retrieval of the information in the record groove. Our philosophy is to play the record sound as accurate as possible, without coloring the sound. We have optimized the design for ease of mounting the cartridge, weight and size to fit the most common turntables at the market today.

The name 2M was selected among several ideas. We wanted a modern name which should be easy to pronounce and to remember, and therefore an alpha numerical name was chosen. 2M means MM, which is the abbreviation for moving magnet.

Of course the 2M isn't just another pretty face. It has been engineered to the highest standards and is congruent with Ortofons unrelenting commitment to providing the most precise and accurate reproduction possible without coloration.

The 2M series of cartridges feature Ortofons trademark split pole pins, an invention which enables moving magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response, as with a moving coil cartridge. Split pole pins were invented by Ortofon, and were originally presented in the 500 series and Super OM series. The 2M Red uses an improved engine, which provides an increased output of 5.5mV. 2M red features a tipped elliptical diamond.

5 Stars
Excellent quality
I love this cartridge. It was a huge upgrade to my last one (Audio-technica AT95E). The design is stylish and, since it's a plug-and-play, it was super easy to install. Highly recommend this cart if you're looking to upgrade your setup.
Reviewed by:  from Austin, TX. on 8/2/2021

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