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PB062370 Type Bliss™ Headshell for Side Screw Straight Tonearm | Exclusive!
Side Screw Straight-Arm Turntable Headshell

PB062370 Type Bliss™ Headshell for Side Screw Straight Tonearm | Exclusive!

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Yamaha Headshell
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PB062370 Type Bliss™ Turntable Headshell for Yamaha Straight Tonearms

This Tonearm shell is for Yamaha turntables with straight tonearms that have a SIDE mount thumbscrew. 

  • Tonearm thumbscrew not included.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Universal in that it has a flat spot on the top and side for full compatibility with any "Japanese" straight tonearm as pictured whether the thumbscrew is on the top or side.
  • Exra long 1 7/8" wiring included for maximum cartridge alignment compatibility

This Bliss™ headshell replaces Yamaha service part number PB062370 that, along with the Yamaha headshell screwset #PB062870 are found in the

Yamaha TT-400U
Yamaha P-220
Yamaha P-320
Yamaha P-520
Yamaha P-07
Yamaha P-16
Yamaha PF-20
Yamaha PF-1000 turntables and probably more. Please let us know if this is the shell for your turntable. This is the standard half-inch mount headshell. The Pmount headshell is unavailable. 
also compatible with some Kenwood straight tonearm equipped models such as the Kenwood KD-21R and also the AR Turntable by Acoustic Research.

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