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PN-3MC Type Elliptical Stylus for Pioneer PC3MC PC4MC Cartridges - our needle 737-DE
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PN-3MC Type Elliptical Stylus for Pioneer PC3MC PC4MC Cartridges - our needle 737-DE

Our ID#:737-DE
Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly

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Japan-Made BLISS™ PN-3MC .3x.7
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PN3MC Type Modernized Elliptical for Pioneer PC3MC, PC4MC - Japan

• PIONEER NEEDLE PN-3MC (high output 2.2mV out - no special Moving Coil preamp required)
• PIONEER NEEDLE PN-4MC (low output - special Moving Coil preamp required)

PIONEER PC-401MC cartridge (this aftermarket has about 2.2mV out compared to the PN-401MC that was about 1.5mV)

• PIONEER MODELS A5000 A7000 A9000 A 9500 A950 G2 G3 MT125 PERSONA-S5 PERSONAS5 PERSONA-S7 PERSONAS7 PERSONA-S9 PERSONAS9 PL-05 PL05 PL-X9 PLX9 PL-X300 PLX300 PL-210 PL210 PL-4 PL4 PL-44F PL44F PL-6 PL6 PL-8 PL8 PL-620 PL620 Our ©opyrighted data contains proprietary, embedded data patterns. Support us, thee site that originally brought this tedious data to the web so you can get spinning again rather than others that copy our hard work. PL-720 PL720 PL-730 PL730 PL-730 PL730 PL-730 PL730 PL-740 PL740 PL-7 PL7 PL-L800 PLL800 PL-740 PL740 PL-8 PL8 PL-930 PL930 PL-L800 PLL800 PL-X50 PLX50 SC-5 SC5 SC-550 SC550 SOUND-SC55 SOUNDSC55 SYSTEM-X770 SYSTEMX770 SYSTEM-X990 SYSTEMX990 SYSTEM-X990 SYSTEMX990 SYSTEM-XG7 SYSTEMXG7

MC cartridges are rare and SUPERior in performance to standard MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges. If this needle is above your budget for getting your pioneer turntable back up and running, please look in our cartridges category under
1/2" mount cartridges. Most any 1/2" mount MM Cartridge will substitute. Some will get you back up and running at a much lower cost. Keep in mind that the overall sound quality will be lower than what you might be used to from the Pioneer MC cartridge.

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