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TurntableNeedles.com Inc.  (AVCR Electronics) Reviews / Ratings

Q: Where can I find reviews, comments, ratings & feedback about  TurntableNeedles.com?
A: As of press time, April 14th 2013
this Google search is the way to find reviews about our company.  Circumstances out of our control have made the comments of our customers harder to find.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please check back soon.

BBB page about us.

Circa 2007
Many websites just paste select positive comments from only happy customers.  We Don't! Instead, we have decided to invite customers to leave independent feedback that is only controlled by our level of service. 

OK well just one feedback here........

12/19/06 2:26 PM
"100% satisfied. I emailed Steve to order a part I thought that I needed for my stereo/turntable and after a series of email exchanges, Steve solved the problem for me without buying any new parts! I have never experienced such professional and able service with an internet transaction."

For all who have completed and received your order, and who have resolved any questions directly with us first, then the 1st search result on this google search should take you to a commonly used public review page of our store where you can join 100s of other reviewers.  If considering anything less than totally satisfied feedback, please call us first.

Thank you very much for your order.
Service/Research Team,