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Round Belt, Medium 10.9 Inch
Medium Round Drive Belt

Round Belt, Medium 10.9 Inch

Rubber drive belt (band) for consumer electronics.
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10.9 Inch Long Medium Round Electronics Rubber Drive Belt

  • Meets or exceeds OEM specs. Found in many types of equipment.
  • This belt is of recent manufacture. Original legacy belts no longer exist. If they did, they'd be too old to sell in good conscience. As far as we can tell, even if the manufacturer name was stamped on the belt, all belts supplied with original turntables were outsourced to a belt specialist manufacturer, like ours are today. Our belts are made using state-of-the-art vulcanization chemistry, forming highly crosslinked polymetric structures which ensure long-term elastic stability even under the harshest conditions.
  • Prior to installation of your new belt, the belt path should be cleaned. Here in the repair shop we would use common household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or a similar solution to clean the old, (often invisible) belt residue from the entire belt path, including the hub around the underside of the platter,so it doesn't contaminate the new belt. With the belt off, we would get the turntable into play condition and hold an alcohol soaked Q-tip on the side of the spinning belt motor pulley. It's amazing how much black contamination comes off from the old belt. See our
  • belt installation page for related details.

      This belt is found in, but NOT limited to, the following Equipment:
      ADMIRAL 8M-5 ADMIRAL CSTR-851 ADMIRAL VMTapeDks 6211A DYN DS-700 AKAI 6000 L M ARGUS 200 ARGUS 800 ARVIN 57L19 ASTROPULSE MA-10 MNE-6725 CARTAPE 8140A CONCORD 776 -D CONCORD F-120 CORSONIC ML-50 COUNSUL Reel to Reel DENON MD-415C DYN DS-882 DYNATRONICS (INLAND) S-484 DYNAVOX 882 EMERSON MM-313 EMERSON MM-314 EMERSON MM-316 EMERSON MM-317 EMERSON MM-513 EMERSON MM-544 EMERSON SS-333 155 200-1 200-2 201-1 202 745-D-891 EA-1234 RT-8741 TD-100 TD-150 TD-150-1 TD-150-2 TD-155 TD-200 TD-1200 TD-1300 TP-1200B TP-1300B BWD-A GRUNDIG B-28175 GRUNDIG TK-14 GRUNDIG TK-17 GRUNDIG TK-19 GRUNDIG TK-23 GRUNDIG TK-24 GRUNDIG TK-25 GRUNDIG TK-28 GRUNDIG TK-58 GRUNDIG TK-120 GRUNDIG TK-140 GRUNDIG TK-145 INLAND S-484 KORTING ME-114 KORTING MT-1585 RK-68 RK-140 RK-150 MAGNACORD 9005 MO-7 MAYFAIR 1877 65-482 NAGRA NPO NATIONAL RP-501S T-13TR 6215 7537A-48 7778A-47 7778B-47 7850A B 7850C-48 6215 7537A-48 7778B-47 7838A-48 7850A-48 7850B-48 7850C-48 16337 78778A-4 PENTAGON C-120 copier PHONOLA 9005 QT-74 QT-660 RCA 8TR3 RCA FTR-2 RCA FTR-3 RCA MGG-72 RCA MI-38141 RCA MI-38142 RCA SCP-2 RCA YGG-45 RCA YGH-31 RCA YHH-30W RCA YYD-595 RCA YYS-510J RCA YZS-510Z RECORDEX CS-4000 RECORDEX D-ll RECORDEX Mini-Max RECORDEX PRO-30 RECORDIO 1 RECORDIO 2 RECORDIO 4 RECORDIO 5 RECORDIO 9C RECORDIO 603 REVERE 202 REVERE A30-11101 REVERE A30-14492 REVERE T-2 REVERE T-700D REVERE T-900 REVERE T-1100 REVERE T-1120 REVERE T-2200 REVERE TR-800D REVERE TR-1000 REVERE TR-1200 REVERE TS-2005 REVERE TS-2025 REVERE TS-2205 RHAPSODY RY-892A 1000 1001 6000H M SEARS 528 SEARS 1236 SEARS 4234 SEARS 4236 SEARS 69102 TANDBERG 2 F TANDBERG 3 B F TANDBERG 6 TANDBERG 6X TANDBERG 7B TANDBERG 8 F TANDBERG 9F TANDBERG 12 TANDBERG 62 TANDBERG 64 TANDBERG 64X TANDBERG 92F TANDBERG 3021-X TANDBERG 3021X TANDBERG 3300-X TANDBERG 3341 X TANDBERG F-4 UHER 724 UHER 5000 UNIVERSAL PC-500 VIKING 30 VIKING 75 VIKING 76 VIKING 78 VIKING 85 VIKING 66 VIKING 87 VIKING 88 VIKING 95 VIKING 5000 VIKING 9500 VIKING ALL 400s except 423 (VM) 736 (VM) 743 (VM) 744 (VM) 1635 (VM) 1638 (VM) 20605-17 (VM) 20605-18 (VM) 20605-27 (VM) 60604-02 WEBCOR 1109 WEBCOR 1111 WEBCOR 1112 WEBCOR 2402 WEBCOR 2611 WEBCOR 2612 WEBCOR 2614 WEBCOR 2691 WEBCOR 2692 WEBCOR 2711 WEBCOR 2716 WEBCOR 2791 WEBCOR 2792 WEBCOR CP-2522-1 ITC-7910A-96 5200 5250 5280 5710 5720 5730 5740 A30-11101 A30-14492 A30-28700 All 2 Speed Models Older 1950 Older 1958 Models T-900 T-1100 T-1120 T-1400 T-1440 T-1600 T-1700 Series T-2205 TC-2 TC-24 TR-1000 TR-1200 TANDBERG 1241-X SEARS 1236 SEARS 4236 SEARS 4238
      5 Stars
      This belt fit fine on this old reel to reel tape player. Nice to have someone around to get parts from for these vintage machines.
      Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
      Reviewed by:  from 1244 W. Belmont Rd. Crawford, NE 69339. on 9/6/2011
      5 Stars
      Round Belt Medium 10.9 Inch
      I purchased your Round Belt Medium 10.9 Inch for my Specto Tybe B, 9.5mm projector which is at least 60 years old. This belt is a perfect fit and my projector is now fully operational. Your TurnTablesNeedles website is the only one that I could find that actually lists this size of belt with the specification measurements. And free international postage too! Many thanks.
      Reviewed by:  from England. on 12/27/2012
      5 Stars
      RTR Belt
      Sweet product and good sales assistance
      Reviewed by:  from Auckland. on 7/5/2019
      5 Stars
      Argus slide projector
      Replacement fan belt fit exactly and was delivered super fast. Great service and product
      Reviewed by:  from NC. on 7/30/2021

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