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S82621 Type Stylus for Zenith 142-167 Cartridge | Stock# 898
Stock Photo - color/markings may vary slightly

S82621 Type Stylus for Zenith 142-167 Cartridge | Stock# 898

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly

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SS77=LP only(Sapphire LP x2)
NO spring (re-use old spring)
With spring (+$5.00)
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping!
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All Speed Dual Needle for Zenith S-82621 etc.

Exclusive:  Your brand new 2021 production made in USA needle is not only factory inspected, but also inspected here at TTN/BLISS by highly experienced/trained personnel under magnification for correct assembly to original spec.  Our senior tech has you covered with our custom color depictions and written instructions along with a spring ready for install and an extra part to help you properly complete your tool-free installation in line with original Zenith instructions with confidence in record time.  These extra touches are not offered anywhere else and are backed by our ONE YEAR warranty against factory defect.


> Replaces: ZENITH S-82621
> Used In: ZENITH 142-167 CARTRIDGE
> Equivalent to these other universal replacement #'s: 3456DS NPS-0148 10071603
> EVG NEEDLES PM3456 3457
• > ZENITH MODELS E902 E903 E904 E905 E906 E907 E908 E909 E910 E911 E912 E913 E914 E915 E916 E917 E918 E919 E920 E921 E922 E923 E924 E925 E926 E927 E928 E929 E930 E931 E932 E933 E934 E935 E936 E937 E938 E939 E940 E941 E942 E943 E944 E945 E946 E947 E948 E949 E950 E951 E952 E953 E954 E955 E956 E957 E958 E959 E960 E961 E962 E963 E964 E965 E966 E9026 A555 A556 A557 A558 A559 A560 A561 A562 A563 A564 A565 A566 A567 A568 A569 A570 A571 A572 A573 A574 A575 A576 A577 A578 A579 A580 A581 A582 A583 A584 A585 A586 A587 A588 A589 A950 A951 A952 A953 A954 A955 A956 A957 A958 A959 A960 A961 A962 A963 A964 A965 A966 A970 B595 B8720 B8721 B8722 B8723 B8724 B8725 B8726 B8727 B8728 B8729 B8730 B8731 B8732 B8733 B8734 B8735 B8736 B8737 B8738 B8739 B8740 B8741 B8742 B8743 B8744 B8745 B8746 B8747 B8748 B8749 B8750 B8751 B8752 B8753 B8754 B8755 B8756 B8757 B8758 B8759 B8760 B8761 B8762 B8763 B8764 B8765 B8766 B8767 B8768 B8769 B8770 B908 B929 B937 B966 C565 C587 C590 C9926 C907 C908 C909 C910 C911 C912 C913 C914 C915 C916 C917 C918 C919 C920 C921 C922 C923 C924 C925 C926 C927 C928 C929 C930 C931 C932 C933 C934 C935 C936 C937 C938 C939 C940 C941 C942 C943 C944 C945 C946 C947 C948 C949 C950 C951 C952 C953 C954 C955 C956 C957 C958 C959 C960 C961 C962 C963 C964 C965 C966 D546 D556 D565 D587 D593 D742 D715 D8725 D9026 D907 D908 D909 D910 D911 D912 D913 D914 D915 D916 D917 D918 D919 D920 D921 D922 D923 D924 D925 D926 D927 D928 D929 D930 D931 D932 D933 D934 D935 D936 D937 D938 D939 D940 D941 D942 D943 D944 D945 D946 D947 D948 D949 D950 D951 D952 D953 D954 D955 D956 D957 D958 D959 D960 D961 D962 D963 D964 D965 D966 DT930 DT937 DT953 E541 E547 E548 E549 E550 E551 E552 E553 E554 E555 E556 E557 E558 E559 E560 E561 E562 E563 E564 E565 E566 E567 E568 E569 E570 E571 E572 E573 E574 E575 E576 E577 E578 E579 E580 E581 E582 E583 E584 E585 E586 E587 E588 E589 E590 E591 E592 E593 E594 E725 ET914 F584 F585 F586 F587 F588 F589 F590 F591 F592 F593 F594 F736 F8748 F902W F902W1 F903 F904 F905 F906 F907 F908 F909 F910 F911 F912 F913 F914 F915 F916 F917 F918 F919 F920 F921 F922 F923 F924 F925 F926 F927 F928 F929 F930 F931 F932 F933 F934 F935 F936 F937 F938 F939 F940 F941 F942 F943 F944 F945 F946 F947 F966 G904 SD2569 SE2595 SF2595 Z565
> ZENITH NEEDLES S75801 S82621 S83010X S83010 S-75801 S-82621 S-83010X S-83010 
ZENITH CARTRIDGE 142-167 142167

Jan 2021 - This needle is back in full production!  Grab some while you can.  They never tell us until after the mold breaks!

Sept 2017 - The "898" replacement needle for the the Zenith 142-167 (etc, see below) has been out of production for several years. BLISS Needles has secured a finite supply of about 100 metal body needle assemblies that we have customized for proper fit and use in this popular application. This may be the last chance to secure a needle for any application listed below for the foreseeable future.

5 Stars
great product
so pleased to find needle to fit our Zenith player. Thank you.
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from hillsville. on 3/28/2014
5 Stars
Fan of 33 1/3 RPM records.
Stylus arrived as ordered, and works fine on my "ole" Zenith Allegro Console sound system, which probably dates back to the early 1960's.
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg. on 11/23/2017
5 Stars
Grandpa loves it!
I was confuse about the shaft length and how it made a difference. Once I got the needle I realice that the it was taller than the previous one. I regret not getting the spring too. But we fix it and it works great! My grandpa is really excited that I found the needle for his Zenith Allegro Sound system F594W
Reviewed by:  from Ecuador. on 4/18/2019
5 Stars
Needle works great!
Purchased this needle for my 1960s stereo console. Only problem was that the plastic at the end of the needle where the cap slips on was a little too small. I used a piece of tissue paper as a gasket and it worked like a charm!
Reviewed by:  from Flushing. on 9/3/2021
5 Stars
My customer was satisfied
I ordered it for my customer and he was thoroughly satisfied
Reviewed by:  from South Carolina . on 11/21/2022
5 Stars
Perfect and worked!
Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 12/3/2011
5 Stars
Happy with product
I received my new stereo needle and it was super easy to install. My old record player sounds wonderful. I am glad I found this site and plan to recommend it to my friends.
Reviewed by:  from MN. on 12/1/2012
5 Stars
Just What I Needed
This needle fit perfectly in my Zenith Console model F903.
Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 1/13/2013
5 Stars
The new needle I purchased was just what I needed. My Zenith hasn't sounded that good since new. Delievery was quick and the right part the first time. I'm completely satisified,awesome sound quality.
Reviewed by:  from Knoxville. on 4/4/2013
5 Stars
Zenith Console Stereo replacement
I bought a used record player and I was worried the needle may not have been in the best shape. Thankfully, I found this one and everything sounds great!
Reviewed by:  from TX. on 6/16/2013
5 Stars
Needle 898
Happy to report that it arrived prmptly (some tme ago) and we took it to our handicapped daughter's residence and find that it works fine.
Helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Bethesda, MD. on 8/5/2013

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