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SFDLJ02N11E SFDLJ02N01 Ground Wire for Technics Turntables to Stop Hum
SFDLJ02N11E SFDLJ02N01 Ground Wire for Technics Turntables to Stop Hum

SFDLJ02N11E SFDLJ02N01 Ground Wire for Technics Turntables to Stop Hum

Rare Technics Ground Wire - Stop Hum

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Standard Approx. 3ft
Long Approx. 6ft (+$4.00)
X-Long Approx. 9ft (+$6.00)
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SFDLJ02N11E Technics Type Ground Wire

STOP that annoying hum from your Technics turntable by installing this upgraded grounding jumper wire.

Crosses to:
Discontinued Technics #SFDLJ02N01

Directly Replaces/Upgrades:

Technics SL-B250 Ground Wire
Technics SL-B250U Ground Wire
Technics SL-B92 Ground Wire
Technics SL-B921 Ground Wire
Technics SL-B921A Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD1 Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD2 Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD21 Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD24U Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD3 Ground Wire
Technics SL-BD35 Ground Wire
Technics SL-D250 Ground Wire
WARNING: Our ©opyrighted cross reference data contains proprietary, embedded data patterns. Do not steal the hard work of Turntable Needles.com
Technics SL-D250U Ground Wire
Technics SL-D93 Ground Wire
Technics SL-D93U Ground Wire
Technics SL-DD2 Ground Wire
Technics SL-DD24U Ground Wire
Technics SL-J92 Ground Wire
Technics SL-L1 Ground Wire
Technics SL-L1A Ground Wire
Technics SL-L1B
Ground Wire
Technics SL-L2 Ground Wire
Technics SL-L3 Ground Wire
Technics SL-L92 Ground Wire
Technics SL-QD2 Ground Wire
Technics SL-QD3 Ground Wire
Technics SL-QD35 Ground Wire

Our SFDLJ02N11E ( also replaces Technics part number SFDLJ02N01) is to replace the ground wire for above Technics turntables and a few other brands such as Panasonic, Matsushita, MCS (Modular Component System by JCPENNY. Our ground wire has a 'spade' lug at one end that can slip under a metal ground/chassis screw on your amp/receiver or computer and the other end has a special gold plated round plug that goes into the "GND" jack on the back of your turntable (see pictures above). For the best performance, our tech never crimps but instead solders or screws each connection.


  • The wire is about 3feet long (unless you choose the 6ft length option)
  • This version is designed for a turntable ground connection that has NO metal pin in the center of the receptacle.
  • At least 18 AWG flexible multi-strand copper wire.
  • NOT for Technics SL1200 series.
  • BLISS brand aftermarket replacement. "Improved" because OEM Technics has thinner wire & we provide a crimped forked spade lug that will maximize contact with a receiver chassis ground thumbscrew when compared to a bare or tinned wire.
  • Assembled in USA

  • Find My Player/Needle See our "find my player" search tool for confirmation of your specific model.

Technics had three or more types of wires needed for various models... SOME types are NOT interchangeable.

5 Stars
Exactly what I needed
It stop the humming sound of my SL-BD2 turntable. It fits perfectly!
Reviewed by:  from Québec. on 2/1/2018
5 Stars
Simple and Effective
I bought this for an eBay "AS IS" purchase, a Technics linear tracking turntable (SL-L3) which came with a power cord only. I'm happy to say this grounding cord fits perfectly and works well. I'm also glad it was so easy to find! No complaints here!
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 1/2/2020
5 Stars
Order of grounding wire
The item was just what I needed to revive an old Technics turntable. Great service.
Reviewed by:  from East Tennessee. on 4/27/2020
5 Stars
Gound Wire for Technic Turntable
Excellent Ground wire. Work just as a ground wire should especially considering the odd insert recquired and you can't really go with any other ol' ground wire.
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix. on 5/28/2020
5 Stars
Just what I needed.
A perfect replacement for my Technics turntable!
Reviewed by:  from Flint, MI. on 10/21/2022

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