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ST1.41 Tape Deck Rubber Drive Tire
Stock image above; You are buying ONE tire.

ST1.41 Tape Deck Rubber Drive Tire

Function Drive Tire
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Found in:
AMPEX 1000s [Dual]
AMPEX 1100s [Dual]
AMPEX 1200s [Dual]
AMPEX 1300s [Dual]
AMPEX 1400S [Dual]
AMPEX 1500s [Dual]
AMPEX 2000s [Dual]
AMPEX 2100s [Dual]
AMPEX 700s [Dual]
AMPEX 800s [Dual]
AMPEX 900s [Dual]
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  • Meets or exceeds OEM specs. Found in many types of equipment.
  • This tire is of recent manufacture and is made using state-of-the-art vulcanization chemistry, forming highly crosslinked polymetric structures which ensure long-term elastic stability even under the harshest conditions.
  • Prior to installation of your new tire, the parts of the mechanism it touches should be cleaned. Here in the repair shop we would use common household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or a similar solution to clean the old, (often invisible) rubber residue from the mechanism.
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