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Sonus Red/Gold Stylus - Black Plate Gold Triangle "S"
Shipping Original SONUS RED/GOLD as Pictured

Sonus Red/Gold Stylus - Black Plate Gold Triangle "S"

Sonus Red/Gold Stylus
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Made by SONIC Research Inc. Danbury, CT USA
From Sonus Literature:
"The SONUS silver cartridge was designed specifically to enable a wide range of discriminating audiophiles to enjoy the unique clarity and accuracy of the "Sonus Sound". It is available in two models differing only in their stylus assemblies, which are freely interchangeable between models.

The SONUS Silver is a high performance cartridge which, although not critical, will operate best in modern lightweight arms such as those found on most integrated single-play turntables, as well as the better automatic turntables. Massive, undamped arms should be avoided."

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