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Square Belt, Small 12.1 Inch
Small Square Drive Belt

Square Belt, Small 12.1 Inch

Rubber drive belt (band) for consumer electronics.
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping!

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12.1 Inch Long Small Square Electronics Rubber Drive Belt

Belt is of recent manufacture. Meets or exceeds OEM specs.
Found in many types of equipment.
This belt is found in but NOT limited to:
â€Â¢ GCI-2011 AITC F-4986 AIWA TP-101 AIWA TP-740 AIWA TP-1006 AKAI X-4 ALLIED (Knight) F-4986 50 (Micro) 58 (Micro) 85 (Micro) 86 (Micro) 88 (Micro) AT and T 2200 150 P-4986 326 327 BM-595 BM-1335 BUICK 7312439 K-252 W-692 COLUMBIA M-675 COLUMBIA M-675-37 CORONADO PH-37 COURIER DA-101 Transcorder CROWN SHC-51 CURTIS MATHES R-10 M-70 3-5638A EA-1598 CS-1828 INLAND S-505 INSTRUCTOMATIC 3015 INSTRUCTOMATIC 3016 INSTRUCTOMATIC 3017 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4015 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4016 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4017 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4018 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4019 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4020 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4021 INSTRUCTOMATIC 4022 AC-1380 CP-1690 U KS-R5 1K-8830 1K-8872 1K-8889 1K-8925 1K-9925 TD-3925 M-675 MAYFAIR 717 MORSE C-1 MORSE C-5 86 350 450 3310 A 3312A 3313 3354 3356 OLDSMOBILE 51XPMT1 OLDSMOBILE 51XFMT2 OLDSMOBILE 53BFMT3 OLDSMOBILE 53BPBT3 OLDSMOBILE 7931636 OLSON RA-959 CQ-40EC EU CQ-80EC EU CQ-900EC EU CQ-5710EC EU CQ-K440EU RS-1030US 3535 3354 EL-3534 RT-2022 RT-2044 RCA VST-300W RCA VST-310L W RCA VST-320D S RCA VST-330F 14-1974 F-4639 100 ROSS RE-8994 DXL-5486 DXL-5489 DXT-5211 RD-170X SEARS 155-21150200 SEARS 155-21150201 SEARS 2014013002 BM-35 TC-30 TC-1180 TC-4 TENNA RR-104C TOSHIBA CTP-2070 TOSHIBA CTP-2072 TOSHIBA PC-3060 TOSHIBA PT-862D TOSHIBA PT-884 UHER 5000 (VM) 737 (VM) 32626 (VM) 80287 WEBCOR 252
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specs. Found in many types of equipment.
  • This belt is of recent manufacture. Original legacy belts no longer exist. If they did, they'd be too old to sell in good conscience. As far as we can tell, even if the manufacturer name was stamped on the belt, all belts supplied with original turntables were outsourced to a belt specialist manufacturer, like ours are today. Our belts are made using state-of-the-art vulcanization chemistry, forming highly crosslinked polymetric structures which ensure long-term elastic stability even under the harshest conditions.
  • Prior to installation of your new belt, the belt path should be cleaned. Here in the repair shop we would use common household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or a similar solution to clean the old, (often invisible) belt residue from the entire belt path, including the hub around the underside of the platter,so it doesn't contaminate the new belt. With the belt off, we would get the turntable into play condition and hold an alcohol soaked Q-tip on the side of the spinning belt motor pulley. It's amazing how much black contamination comes off from the old belt. See our belt installation page for related details.
    • 5 Stars
      Belt for 8 Track player
      Turntableneedles.com has an awesome selection of parts for vintage equipment. The staff is extremely helpful so you get the right components to get old gear working again.
      Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma. on 9/8/2022
      5 Stars
      Square Belt
      This new square belt brought the AM-FM 8 track back to life. Fast Shipping and great communication.
      Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 4/15/2023

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