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Stop-a-Clicks™ LP Record Cleaner

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Record Roller Cleaner
Brand: AVCR-private label
Our Part: stopaclick
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Stop-a-Clicks, Thee LP Record Rolling Picker Upper.**

If you want a fun and effective solution to reduce pops and clicks caused by dust and grime, consider this attractive new choice. This clever elastomer roller loses its tacky property when wet, allowing the dust n dirt to rinse away.  Once dry again, the tacky feel returns which is what it needs to pull dust n dirt away from your record surface and in the groove. 
Who would pay $90 for a tacky record roller? Almost no one.   But with our Stop-a-Clicks roller you can get the same functionality as the  Nagaoka CL-152 for a fraction of the cost. 

  • 1st remove protective plastic shell.
  • Then remove the cellophane plastic protector from around the colored roller surface. (color may vary)
  • Next just roll it across your record, (not around).  No need to press hard, just moderate contact.
  • Rinse with clean, cool water. Let dry and re-use indefinitely.

  • Easily removes fingerprints.
  • Does not leave residue within guidelines below.
  • Perfectly safe for all speeds and types of records.
  • Not a substitute for a deep cleaning machine.
  • Elastomer drum is 3.75 inches wide x 2 inches in diameter.
  • Ships bulk w/o retail packing to save postage and environment.
  • Won't transfer dirt to next record unless of course you don't clean it for a really long time.
  • The elastomer roller loses its tacky property when wet, allowing the dust n dirt to rinse away.
  • Once it dries, the tackiness returns to stop those pops n clicks once again.
  • Avoid rolling across the record label area, especially if it's already peeling off.
  • You can roll it fast or slow across your record but when you don't roll too fast it gives the elastomer the fraction of a second it needs to fit its form so to speak and reach the upper and middle groove areas where most particles settle, and pull them back out.

  • Pressing hard will likely create static electricity in lower humidity conditions.
  • Do not expose the elastomer roller to any chemicals other than plain (preferably filtered) cool tap water.  Make sure your record is not wet with cleaning agents prior to each use.
  • Store out of sunlight and otherwise avoid higher than room temperature exposure.
  • Failure to heed these cautions may potentially cause the "space-age" elastomer's properties to change which in turn may cause the roller to irreversibly lose tackiness or increase tackiness to the point of becoming gooey.  Always return the protective cellophane to the roller when not in use.  If anything more than a microscopic amount of the elastomer roller adheres to the cellophane upon removal at next use, the elastomer may have been compromised.  We would recommend replacing the unit in the unlikely event that this occurs so as to avoid getting any elastomer on an LP record.

**90 day warranty is limited to product replacement or store credit only and will not include any other property.

Since this item is not $89.95 like its inspiration, it lacks metal and other static dissipative features.  So, we highly recommend that you follow cleaning with a carbon brush below especially if you are in a low humidity room.  You would then be ready to play a record cleaned without the use of liquid chemicals. (except the water you would use to rinse off the stop a clicks roller)

Rating Sticky!
Stop-a-Clicks unit seems to have different personalities. Sometimes very sticky that leaves residue on LP, other times not as sticky and seems to do job. So inconsistent, I really can't use.
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Reviewed by:  from PHiladlephia, PA. - 3/6/2014
Rating roller
man...i had read about how good this worked..finally bought this and am a firm believer in it...it works...
  Did you find this helpful?    2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from baltimore,md. - 3/8/2013
Rating Good for dust.
Really good for picking up dust off of an otherwise clean record (which is about all you need if you start with a clean record and properly care for it). Description overstates its abilities though...won't touch anything like grime or fingerprints. Still, clean your records, keep your fingers off them, and this will save you from buying bottles and bottles of dishwasher from now till forever.
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Reviewed by:  from bellingham. - 5/30/2014
Rating roller cleaner
well worth the money. unit works well at sprucing up yard sale finds!
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Reviewed by:  from nova scotia. - 5/29/2015

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