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T4P P-mount Plug-in Cartridge 611BE
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T4P P-mount Plug-in Cartridge 611BE

Our Part#:TON-611BE
Brand:BLISS Needles™
Pmount Complete Plug-in Solution
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611BE MG-29PE T4P P-mount Plug-in Cartridge

The 611BE is a quality mid-level T4P P-mount MM cartridge made in Japan by an audiophile level manufacturer with an outstanding reputation for producing high end cartridges.  When looking at the .3 x .7 elliptical stylus under 200x optical magnification we found the tips to be skillfully polished to a glass-like smooth finish.  This is key because even though the spec of .3 x .7 mil tip size gives it a mid-level classification, these tips are highly polished unlike many others of the same size that have an orange peel appearance to them.  So the polished finish is the key to its clean, well proportioned audio delivery. 

NOTE: The body is N.O.S. and so is slightly blemished with minuscule scratches most only visible under a 10x loop . The needle is brand new.  Both the cartridge and needle together have been tested here at BLISS needles by our audio tech for internal coil compliance and audio quality.

Both needle and cartridge and made in Japan.  Other offerings similar to this are almost always made in China with an entry level conical tip.

Limited to stock on hand.  May never be restocked.  Replacement needles below will always be available.

Any linear tracking turntable or gimble tonearm turntable with a T4P P-mount plug-in cartridge socket.


RED ED P mount Cartridge

Kit includes:
Mini Screwdriver
T4P side set screw/nut
Optional:P-mount to 1/2" mount adapter with gold plated connections

5 Stars
Clear, Accurate & Easy-To-Install!
The Tonar 611BE phono cartridge is amazingly easy to install because it's a p-mount cartridge made to fit the tonearm of a p-mount turntable (Google it!) With that type of turntable, you simply plug it in, lock it in with the supplied screw, and start playing your records. No fiddly adjustments needed! As for sound quality, it's clear, detailed and accurate. Note: The p-mount turntable is a 40-year-old defunct design, but you can find plenty of them on eBay. Enjoy the cartridge, turntable, and the music! (Further note: I wish someone would start making p-mount turntables again---Their simplicity is sorely missed!)
Reviewed by:  from Denton, MD. on 12/21/2017

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