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TP-B1 tetrad-EVG 0.050" Male T/PLUG
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TP-B1 tetrad-EVG 0.050" Male T/PLUG

Cartridge to wiring harness adaptor
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This is a commonly lost little connector that allows you to hook up any tetrad cartridge (and a few Magnavox cartridges like the 560389-3) to standard tonearm wiring that has 4 round pin sockets.

Electro-Voice = EVG-050

BONUS: Now comes with 5 solder lug socket connectors (1 spare) and shrink tubing so you can get it soldered by an experienced tech to any wiring situation you may have coming out of your tonearm.
ATTENTION: Use of solder lugs and shrink tubing is optional depending on your situation and requires moderate soldering skills.

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