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Turntable Headshell-Polished S-arm SME SFPCC31001K Type
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Turntable Headshell-Polished S-arm SME SFPCC31001K Type

Stock#:H-4 Polished
Cartridge to 'S' Tonearm Bracket
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Polished Aluminum S-arm Headshell

Polished (buffed) to a chrome-like finish. This is a house brand high quality aluminum headshell that is an Excellent upgrade over the popular silver painted headshell we sell. Generally it will fit any turntable with a 'S' (SME/JEI type)shaped tonearm. It requires an empty socket at the front end of the tonearm.
The socket must be .300 inches in diameter, have a notch in the top for the headshell alignment pin and have four contacts in the socket in a square pattern as well as a rotating locking collar on the tonearm to hold this headshell in place.

If you have a single set screw on the tonearm that holds a headshell in place, then this is not the headshell for you.

This headshell is all metal construction. Made in China. Has a chrome plated plug. The total weight including the wireset leads is 11 grams.

Includes "gold plated" color coded copper wiring for positive cartridge connection with '0' ohm resistance.

Click here for Silver version.

Click here for Black version.

• color coded wires INCLUDED.

BLUE = LG (left ground)
GREEN = RG (right ground)
WHITE = L (left positive)
RED = R (right positive)

• The wires are 1.75 inches (4.0cm) long with female connector sockets on each end.
• Connects your cartridge to headshell.
• Designed for 0.050" studs (which is what all standard mount cartridges utilize)
• Not intended for T4P (pmount) cartridges.
• Upgraded February 2013 with:
color coded shrink tubing
OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) wire
Gold electroplated sockets at both ends.

Installation: Highly recommend using a pair of 'needle nosed pliers' to grab only the flat/crimped part of the connector at each end of the wire jumper and slip it on your headshell in the same pattern found on this headshell. Then do the same when slipping the connectors onto the back of your cartridge.

Typical Cartridge.

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