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Magnetic Cartridges

See bottom of page for terminology explanations.
  • Half Inch Standard Mount Half Inch Standard Mount
    A ½ inch mount cartridge is usually found in turntables that have a tonearm which pivots from a stationary base at the right rear corner of the unit. This cartridge type is held in place with 2 screws ½ inch apart on each side of the cartridge. You will see 4 little exposed wires at the back of the cartridge or hanging loose if the cartridge is missing. Note: If you see only a round socket 3/10ths of an inch in diameter with for little pins inside and a locking collar then you are also missing the headshell. It attaches to the tonearm and is basically a mounting bracket for the 1/2 inch type cartridge. A plug n spin kit will get you right up n going fast!
  • P-Mount, T4P P-Mount, T4P
    "P-mount" a.k.a. T4P is usually found in linear tracking turntables. Pmount literally means Plug mount because the cartridge plugs directly into the tonearm.
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