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Universal Rubber Idler Drive Wheel Rejuvination Service
Consumer Electronics Repair Since 1992

Universal Rubber Idler Drive Wheel Rejuvination Service


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IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a service, not a product.
You would be purchasing a chemical and physical rejuvenation (lathe) service of your existing record player or turntable idler wheel.

So long as your old rubber is not:

Severely cracked,
Flattened on any parts of its outter circumference,
Nor has rubber as hard as a rock.

then your idler wheel will be a great candidate for this service.

Basically you just need to purchase this service, then mail us your old wheel. We will use a lathe process to remove just the top surface of grim/rubber to get down to the 'fresh' rubber just below the surface. Once we have ensured perfect roundness, we apply a special chemical (not alcohol) to all the rubber that soaks in deep and gently restores the rubber. Then we mail it back to you for installation, prior to which, you must clean, with common household rubbing alcohol, all surfaces that the idler wheel touches in order to ensure that the newly rejuvinated wheel does not become re-contaminated by the old residue. This service is designed for phonograph idler wheels please email pics of your idler wheels if they are for another type of equipment.

With over a decade in the consumer electronics repair industry we are so confident this process works that we offer a 1 YEAR warranty. In the form of a refund within 30 days minus $4 shipping costs or a 100% store credit after 30 days to 1 year if you are not happy with the results.
While we recognize that a small percentage of situations require rebuilding services ranging from $40 - $60 at other outfits, we are sure you'll recognize the value of this service. Finally, we will only proceed with a rejuvination if your rubber is in good enough shape to be a good candidate. If not, we refund all your $$ minus $4 for shipping, and mail the idler back to you immediately. We are not responsible for lost parts in the mail. Either way, service or not, return shipping to you is now sent with delivery confirmation.

mail to: TurntableNeedles.com, Inc.
2517 NW 9th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330

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